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23" FORIS FS2331-BK WideScreen

  • A new monitor experience for Game, Photo and Video enthusiasts
  • Extremely low input lag
  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty
  • 1920 × 1080 native resolution
  • 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 6 preset modes
  • 300 cd/m² brightness
  • 178° viewing angles
  • Dual HDMI, DVI-D and VGA inputs
  • Sturdy metal core stand
  • Remote control
  • Real black panel


Model RRP (Excl. VAT)
1 700,00 SEK

Eizo at DreamHack 2011          Co-owner and Founder of Fnatic - Sam Mathews reviews the FS2331

5 Years Warranty
EIZO stands behind the workmanship of this FORIS model with an industry-leading five year warranty.

Full HD Resolution
The 1920 x 1080 native resolution displays pixel-by-pixel all the content of full high-definition video sources such as Blu-ray discs and many of today's games without any black bars across the top and bottom of the screen.

HDMI, DVI-D, and D-Sub Inputs
Dual HDMI inputs are included for full HD connectivity with audio-visual devices such as gaming consoles, Blu-ray disc players, and TV tuners. DVI-D and D-Sub inputs allow connection to PCs with digital and analog graphics boards respectively.

              HDMI                         DVI-D                   D-Sub

10,000 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
A ContrastEnhancer adjusts the brightness, gain, and gamma of images to their ideal levels in real time. The resulting dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000:1 ensures the monitor consistently produces deep blacks and vivid colors with moving images.

     ContrastEnhancer off             ContrastEnhancer on

Clearer and Sharper Images for Gaming
Game mode activates two EIZO features called “Power Resolution” and “Power Gamma.” Power Resolution makes the details in both low and high resolution games look clearer and sharper. Power Gamma applies a gamma curve to games and other animated images that amplifies the feeling of contrast to make them look more three dimensional. Other features that optimize the monitor’s performance for gaming are a gray-to-gray response time of just 7 ms and an input lag of less than one frame.

     Power Resolution off                 Power Resolution on

Paper Mode That Simulates Printed Paper
Designed to reduce eyestrain when reading documents or ebooks, Paper mode simulates the look of printed paper by raising the black level and lowering the contrast ratio.

Preset Modes for Optimum Viewing
In addition to Paper mode, several other preset modes are also available: Cinema, sRGB, Game, and two User modes for user-adjustable settings. Toggling between modes is done manually in the OSD menu or automatically by assigning a mode to a particular application with the bundled ScreenManager Pro for LCD software (Windows 7 and Vista compatible).

Simple Color Matching with EIZO EasyPIX
The EIZO EasyPIX color matching tool is ideal for digital SLR camera users looking to match colors between their monitors and photo prints. With the EasyPIX software you can match the monitor’s color and brightness with that of the photo paper and then create a monitor profile with the bundled EX1 color sensor. No expertise in color management is required and the profile can be shared with image retouching software to ensure accurate results when printing.

New Cabinet Design
The FORIS FS2331 debuts a new cabinet design that features a long, narrow imprint that runs from side to side across the lower front bezel. The imprint is for affixing a red, gray, or blue color stripe so users can personalize the appearance of their monitor. The color stripes are included.

Remote Control
Included with the FS2331 is a card-style remote control which offers full control of the OSD menu plus one-touch access to screen size, volume, and PC/HDMI input selection.

Internal Speakers
Dual internal 0.5-watt speakers give the FS2331 audio capability. Headphone jacks are also included.

Overscan Display
In addition to the dot-by-dot display, overscan display, which eliminates extraneous data around the edges of the screen, is also available in the OSD menu.

Optimized Brightness
Two functions ensures stable brightness which is necessary for the proper display of color. The first is drift correction circuit that quickly stabilizes the brightness level after startup or coming out of power saving mode. The second is an ambient brightness sensor called "Auto EcoView" that detects changes in the ambient brightness and signals the backlight to adjust the screen brightness accordingly so it is never too dark or too bright.

Energy Efficiency Gauge
A user-activated EcoView Index displays the level of power savings and equivalent amount of CO2 reduction compared to using the monitor without Auto EcoView activated and with the screen set at a brightness of 100%.
Watch the video >>

10-Bit Gamma Correction
This technology ensures smooth, accurate color tones by converting the 8-bit PC data to 10-bit, assigning the ideal gamma values, then returning the data to 8-bit format for display.

Customer Assurance
A five-year warranty offers a long service life, and compliance with leading industry standards such as TCO Display 5.1 and TUV Ergonomics ensures a better working environment.

23" FORIS FS2331-BK WideScreen

Model variations
Cabinet color
Size 58 cm (23") VA panel
Native resolution 1920 × 1080 (16: 9 aspect ratio)
Viewable image size (H x V) 584 mm diagonal
Pixel pitch 0.2655 × 0.2655 mm
Pixel density
Grayscale tones
Display colors 16.77 million from a palette of 1.06 billion. Look-Up Table 10 bits per color.
Viewing angles (H / V, typical) 178°, 178° (at contrast ratio of 10:1)
Brightness (typical) 300 cd/m² / 3000:1 (10000:1 with ContrastEnhancer)
Recommended brightness for calibration
Contrast ratio (typical)
Response time (typical) 7 ms (Gray-to-gray)
Wide gamut coverage (typical)
Video signals
Input terminals Video Input Terminals: PC: D-Sub mini 15 pin, DVI-D 24 pin (with HDCP) PC / AV: HDMI × 2. Audio Input Terminals: PC: 3.5 mm stereo jack × 1 PC / AV: HDMI × 2
Output terminals (loop through)
Digital scanning frequency (H / V)
Analog scanning frequency (H / V)
Sync formats
Wired LAN
Input terminals
Output terminals
Sound adjustment
Power requirements 100 – 120 V / 200 – 240 V, 50 / 60 Hz
Maximum power consumption
Typical power consumption
Power save mode Less than 1.0 W
Standby mode
Power management
Features & functions
Preset modes
Auto EcoView / BrightRegulator
EcoView Sense
Brightness Stabilization
Digital Uniformity Equalizer
OSD Languages
Communication Protocol
Physical specifications
Dimensions (Landscape, W x H x D) With Stand: 549 × 403 × 212 mm 21.6 × 15.9 × 8.3". Without Stand: 549 × 393 × 58 mm 21.6 × 15.5 × 2.3"
Dimensions (Without stand, W x H x D)
Dimensions (Panel mount, W x H x D)
Net weight With Stand: 6.9 kg / 15.2 lbs. Without Stand: 6.1 kg / 13.4 lbs
Net weight (Without stand)
Net weight (With hood)
Net weight (Panel mount)
Height adjustment range
Tilt 20° Up, 5° Down / – / –
Hole spacing (VESA standard)
Environmental requirements
Operating temperature
Operating humidity (R.H., non condensing)
Degree of protection
Certifications & standards TCO Displays 5.1, EPEAT Silver (US) ,TÜV/Ergonomics (including ISO 13406-2), TÜV/GS, TÜV/NRTL, c-Tick, CE, CB, cTÜVus, FCC-B, Canadian ICES-003-B, TÜV/S, VCCI-B, EPA Energy Star, RoHS, WEEE
FDA 510(k) clearance
Supplied accessories AC power cord, signal cable (DVI-D – DVI-D), audio cable, EIZO LCD Utility Disk (PDF user's manual, ScreenManager Pro for LCD [DDC/CI], EIZO ScreenSlicer software), color sheets (red, blue, and gray), setup guide, 4 screws for mount option, remote control with battery, warranty card
Warranty 5 Years

2011-11-22 Eizo FORIS FS2331 received two awards by Swedish 'Tidningen FOTO'

'Tidningen FOTO' wrote (translated from Swedish):


"Yes, FORIS FS2331 does very well for photo interested in where it also can serve as a very skilled gaming monitor as well as for video, this thanks to its deep blacks, high contrast and flexible presets. In fact, FORIS FS2331 also will do quite well for professionals and photo editing as long as you stay within the narrower sRGB color space. But then we highly recommend that you supplement with a calibrator such as the Spyder 3 or Eizo Easy PIX."


  • Impressive deep blackness
  • High contrast
  • Remote control
  • Nice grayscales in the sRGB-mode
  • Flexible connectivity
  • Price

Read the whole test here (in Swedish only)!

Source: www.tidningenfoto.se 10/2011, Petter Hammarbäck

2011-02-28 FORIS FS2331 Best in Test by PC Magazin

German PC Magazin wrote (translated from German):

"The winner by a clear margin is the FORIS FS2331 EIZO [...] Its PVA display offers very good performance in its color and contrast, the reaction time is [...] fast enough for 3D-shooter".

Source: PC Magazin No. 2 - 2011

2010-12-20 FORIS FS2331 Awarded by German PRAD

German PRAD gave 4 out of 5 stars.

Source: PRAD 2010

2010-11-11 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish PC För Alla (PC For All)

PC For All wrote (translated from Swedish):
"Eizo mostly known as supplier of expensive professional monitors has succeeded real well with its new exclusive gamers monitor".
"The image quality is excellent, the high contrast enables the monitor to differentiate real dark and real bright shades.
The colors are moderate and correct rather than vivid. The blackness is absolutely marvelous even when you turn up the brightness”.
“For the photo enthusiast the option Eizo EasyPIX is available, this for less than Euro 200, a calibrator and software enabling you to hardware calibrate the monitor”.

Read the review at PC För Alla ljud&bild here (in Swedish)

Source: Martin Agfors 2011-11-12, PC För Alla

2010-11-11 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish Ljud&Bild

Ljud&Bild wrote (translated from Swedish):
"The blackness is amongst the best that we have ever seen on a monitor"
"When viewing the tested monitors from a side angel and from the above there is only one monitor that seem not to be influenced - the FORIS FS2331"
"All monitors that can be used to more image sources should have a remote control as Eizo's FORIS FS2331"
"Eizo's FORIS FS2331 has the best image, best viewing angles and the best image control..."

"The complete blackness you 'get for free' and when you have seen what that means to your image you do not want to be left without it"

+ Remote control

+ Deep black
+ Image control


Read the initial news article at ljud&bild here (in Swedish)
For the complete test we refer to Ljud&Bild magazine #11, 2010

Ljud&Bild is a member of EISA – the European Imaging and Sound Association - http://www.eisa.eu/member/33/ljud-bild.html

Source: Petter Hammarbäck - Ljud&Bild # 11, 2010

2010-11-02 Eizo FlexScan FORIS FS2331 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no

hardware.no wrote (translated from Norwegian):
+ Excellent image quality
+ Good black level
+ Anti glare panel
+ Good connectivity
+ Useful menu system

Original Norwegian text:
+ Knakende god bildekvalitet
+ Godt sortnivå
+ Matt overflate
+ Godt med tilkoblinger
+ Funksjonelt menysystem

Read the whole test at hardware.no here (in Norwegian)

Source: Editorial by Jørgen Elton Nilsen November 2, 2010 17:21  - hardware.no

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