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24-inch monitors tested by Norwegian PC World #13-2008. Eizo S2401W awarded 'Best in test'.

Nov 10,2008


PC World Norway wrote (translated from Norwegian):
"This monitor gives extremely good value for the money.”



News archive

Mar 23 EIZO Library: You don't want to ignore this ― 10 ways to address eye fatigue caused by displays
Mar 17 EIZO Announces 4K UHD Monitor with 185 PPI for Photography, Print, and Video
Mar 11 EIZO's Longstanding Eye-Care Technologies Pivotal in Its Monitors Acquiring Flicker-Free and Low Blue Light Content Certification
Mar 04 Case Study: BUTTER
Feb 19 EIZO Library: Too early? Just the right time to buy? : Solve the problems with your current display and move into a new world - That's what the EIZO 4K models can do!
Feb 18 On Screen and Behind the Scene - EIZO's Full Line of ATC Solutions to be Shown at World ATM Congress 2015
Feb 18 Confused about HiDPI and Retina display? ― Understanding pixel density, an essential element in choosing displays in the age of 4K
Feb 04 Survey: Radiologists Agree EIZO RadiForce RX850 Improves Medical Workflow Efficiency
Jan 21 Case study: Gaffa Media GmbH (Switzerland)
Dec 12 Case Study: For Gaming Sessions of a Special Kind: EIZO FORIS FG2421 in the RUSH E-SPORTS CENTER
Dec 10 EIZO's RadiCS Monitor Quality Control Software Upholds Efficiency with Latest DIN Standard Compliance
Dec 02 Profile on Magnum Photographer Martin Parr - Finding Humor in Humanity
Dec 02 Case studies: LungenClinic Grosshansdorf GmbH
Nov 28 EIZO Releases 24" Clinical Review Monitor with LED Backlight for Low Power Consumption and Long Life
Nov 18 EIZO Announces Self-Calibrating DCI 4K Monitor for Media & Entertainment
Nov 18 EIZO Introduces Monitor That's "Wide All Around" with 1920 × 1920 Resolution
Okt 30 EIZO Medical Business in Full-Throttle with Video Management Solutions for Operating Rooms
Okt 30 EIZO Releases Modular 27" Monitor for Displaying Medical Images in Operating Room Environments
Sep 09 EIZO Releases FlexScan IPS Monitors with Ultra-Slim Frame Design for Business Environments
Sep 09 EIZO eBook - One Lesson I Learned in Photography
Sep 02 EIZO Announces 24.1" Cost-Performance ColorEdge Monitor with Adobe RGB Coverage
Aug 04 EIZO Releases New Flagship Product to FlexScan Series with 31.5" Ultra-HD 4K IPS Monitor
Jul 01 EIZO announces they have joined forces with the professional eSports organisation Ninjas in Pyjamas.
Jun 12 EIZO Introduces FORIS FS2434 Gaming Monitor with 6 mm Ultra-Slim Frame
Maj 23 Helpful tips FORIS FG2421
Maj 13 With more than twenty three outstanding reviews and awards, FG2421 has proven to be the best gaming monitor available
Apr 23 EIZO Releases 19" Square Monitor with IPS Panel for Offices and Control Rooms
Apr 03 EIZO Announces and Cloud-Based Monitor Color Management Solution and New 24.1" ColorEdge Monitors
Mar 12 EIZO Releases 12.1" Durable, High-Brightness Monitors with 800 × 600 Resolution Panel for Industrial Workstation Terminals
Mar 12 EIZO Releases 58" Monitor for Streamlining Medical Image Display in Operating Rooms
Feb 26 EIZO Updates Its Flagship ColorEdge Monitors with New 27" Models
Feb 26 Profile on Magnum Photographer Carl de Keyzer - His Works and Use of ColorEdge Monitors
Feb 21 EIZO Releases the Re/Vue Mini Duo Synchronous Recording and Streaming Solution for 8MP or Dual-4MP Monitors
Feb 12 Hasselblad and EIZO Collaborate to Equip Imaging Software with Monitor Self-Calibration Capability
Jan 30 Case Study; David Abdallah
Jan 22 Case Study; STAUD STUDIOS
Jan 20 EIZO Releases 17" Durable Touch Panel Monitor for Factories, Clean Rooms, and Public Access Areas
Jan 16 EIZO Announces 17" Multitouch Monitor for Businesses, Libraries, and Hospitals
Jan 08 EIZO Releases 25.5" Panel Mount Marine Monitors with Optional Optical Bonding for ECDIS / RADAR Applications
Dec 03 EIZO Releases 31.1” Super High Resolution 8 Megapixel Monitor for Multi-Modality Environments
Nov 18 EIZO Releases 30-inch 6 Megapixel Monitor for Multi-Modality Applications
Nov 18 3D Color Management Handbook Available
Okt 30 EIZO Releases World´s First 240 Hz Monitor for Gaming
Okt 23 EIZO and Magnum Photos Announce Global Collaboration with Establishment of Ambassador Program
Sep 03 EIZO Releases 23.5" Full-HD Monitor with 240 Hz High Refresh Rate for Satellite Images
Aug 30 EIZO Releases 2 Megapixel Monitor with Effortless Quality Control for Clinical Review
Aug 08 EIZO FlexScan EV2436W awarded by flatpanelshd.com
Jun 18 EIZO has released its Color Management Handbook as an iBook
Jun 14 EIZO has proudly launched a new web site dedicated to gaming!
Jun 11 Predict the Winner of the DreamHack Open Summer 2013
Jun 04 EIZO Releases Free Application for Accurately Displaying Medical Images on the iPad
Maj 29 EIZO Releases 23" Full HD Monitor with Visibility-Enhancing Technology for Security and Surveillance
Maj 22 EIZO Releases 22-Inch Flicker-Free Monitor for Back Offices and Control Rooms
Maj 22 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch IPS Monitor Optimized for Comfort and Durability
Apr 09 The Latest on Computer Screens and Eye Fatigue
Mar 18 EIZO Releases 23" Full HD Monitor with 120 Hz Refresh Rate for Security and Surveillance
Mar 18 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch Monitor for Clinical Review
Mar 08 How does "invisible" flicker affect your experience in front of a screen
Mar 08 Use our EcoCalculator to see how green your LCD monitor is compared to an EIZO EcoView monitor
Feb 27 Flicker Comparison - EV Series
Feb 18 EIZO will be showing its state-of-the-art medical monitor solution at ECR 2013
Jan 14 EIZO Completes All-LED Backlight Line-Up of Diagnostic Monitors
Jan 14 EIZO Introduces Industry First Multi-Modality Color Monitor with FDA 510(k) Clearance for Mammography
Nov 14 Grand Finals of DreamHack EIZO Open 2012
Sep 18 New Lineup of FlexScan EcoView Monitors
Aug 01 2012-08-01 New Lineup of ColorEdge Monitors for Graphics Users of All Levels
Jun 12 2012-06-12 New EIZO FORIS Gaming Monitor at Dreamhack Summer
Jun 12 2012-06-12 Get the Gaming Advantage with EIZO Foris FS2333
Jan 31 2012-01-31 EIZO's Medical Monitor Solutions at ECR 2012
Dec 15 2011-12-15 Eizo FORIS FS2332 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no
Dec 13 2011-12-13 Eizo FORIS FS2331 received two awards by Swedish 'Tidningen FOTO'
Dec 12 2011-12-12 EIZO Enters Marine Industry with 21.3-inch Monitors
Nov 29 2011-11-29 EIZO to Start Quality Control Management Server Hosting
Nov 28 2011-11-28 EIZO sponsored FNATIC Dominates Dreamhack 2011 Winter Finals
Nov 09 2011-11-09 Patrik “cArn” Sättermon visits EIZO
Okt 26 2011-10-26 Eizo FORIS FS2332 awarded by Danish flatpanels.dk!
Okt 12 2011-10-11 FnaticMSI - What is eSports
Okt 11 2011-10-11 FnaticMSI PLAY will be hosting its 2nd Starcraft 2 event in October!
Okt 10 2011-10-10 EIZO FORIS FS2332 video by NASL.TV
Sep 21 2011-09-21 EIZO Helps Businesses Go Green with LED-Backlit 23" Monitors
Sep 13 2011-09-13 See EIZO's new FORIS brochure
Sep 12 2011-09-12 EIZO to Sponsor Season 2 of the North American Star League!
Sep 01 2011-09-01 Eizo FORIS FS2332 awarded and received 'Best in Test' by Finnish MikroBitti
Sep 01 2011-09-01 EIZO Makes Home Entertainment More Fun with FORIS FS2332 Full-HD Monitor
Aug 05 2011-08-05 ColorNavigator 6 Now Available!
Aug 05 2011-08-05 EIZO Introduces 4K x 2K Monitor with LED Backlight for Air Traffic Control and Geophysical Services
Jun 10 2011-06-10 Eizo SX2762W received the 'Highly Recommended Award 2011' by Danish flatpanelshd.com
Maj 24 2011-05-24 Fnatic powered by the award-winning EIZO FORIS Monitors!
Apr 27 2011-04-26 Eizo added Interactive Online Digital Brochures
Apr 07 2011-04-07 EIZO FlexScan SX2462W and S2243W awarded by Swedish Kamera & Bild
Mar 23 2011-03-23 EIZO FlexScan SX2762W best in test at PCWorld Norway
Mar 04 2011-03-04 EIZO is main sponsor to the StarCraft II tournament at DreamHack 2011
Jan 28 2011-01-28 EIZO Announces 27" Monitor with Wide Color Gamut for Graphics and Digital Photography
Jan 27 2011-01-27 EIZO EcoView: Ergonomic + Environmental = Economical
Jan 18 2011-01-18 EIZO EasyPIX Color Matching Tool to Support Hardware Calibration
Dec 06 2010-12-06 Upgrade to an EIZO!
Nov 15 2010-11-15 Eizo FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish PC För Alla (PC For All)
Nov 11 2010-11-11 Eizo FORIS FS2331 tested and awarded by Swedish Ljud&Bild
Nov 03 2010-11-03 Eizo FORIS FS2331 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no
Okt 27 2010-10-27 Finavia Selects EIZO FlexScan Monitors for Helsinki-Vantaa Airport and Area Control Center in Tampere
Okt 19 2010-10-19 EIZO Enhances Its Medical Market Business by Expanding Its Line of Surgical Monitor Solutions
Sep 20 2010-09-20 Eizo FlexScan EcoView EV2333WH awarded by Finnish MikroPC!
Sep 09 2010-09-09 EIZO Releases 23" Multitouch Monitor for Educational, Business, and Home Use
Sep 09 2010-09-09 EIZO Releases Full-HD Home Entertainment Monitor - A new monitor experience
Sep 07 2010-09-07 EIZO Adds Cost-Efficient 23" Widescreen Model to Clinical Review Monitor Series
Sep 07 2010-09-07 EIZO Unveils World’s First Monitor to Simultaneously Display Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves
Aug 10 2010-08-10 Eizo ColorEdge CG243W tested and awarded by Danish flatpanels
Jul 15 2010-07-15 CG245W awarded 'Topp Choice' by Norwegian Magazine Fotografi No. 3 2010
Jul 14 2010-07-14 SOON TO COME! LIKE US at facebook, FOLLOW US at twitter and Eizo CHANNEL at YouTube
Jul 11 2010-07-11 ColorEdge CG245W on MacWelt TV
Jul 07 2010-07-07 EIZO Equips LFV En Route Centers in Stockholm and Malmö with New Monitors
Jul 06 2010-07-06 EIZO ColorEdge CG245W Self-calibrated 'Super Monitor'
Apr 22 2010-04-22 EIZO ColorEdge CG243W Wins TIPA 2010 Award for Best Photo Monitor
Apr 08 2010-04-08 EIZO Introduces 30" and 22" ColorEdge Monitors for Professional Graphics Work
Mar 25 2010-03-25 The Making of a FlexScan Monitor
Feb 16 2010-02-16 Calculate Your savings with Eizo!
Feb 08 2010-02-08 Eizo Eco products!
Dec 14 2009-12-14 Eizo awarded in several product tests!
Nov 26 2009-11-26 Eizo FORIS FX2431awarded by Danish flatpanels.dk!
Nov 10 2009-11-10 Eizo FORIS FX2431 awarded by Swedish PCGamer!
Nov 04 2009-11-04 New website for Eizo Europe AB
Okt 26 Eizo FORIS FX2431 awarded by German PRAD!
Sep 17 Eizo FORIS FX2431 tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no
Sep 17 Eizo FlexScan EcoView EV2303WH awarded by Finnish MikroPC!
Aug 27 EIZO Expands Its Line of Home Entertainment Monitors Worldwide with Release of FORIS® FX2431
Aug 26 EIZO Releases FlexScan® EcoView Office Monitor with DisplayPort Connectivity and a Built-in Presence Sensor
Aug 14 EIZO Expands Medical Imaging Solutions to Include Endoscopic Monitors with Release of RadiForce ES240W
Aug 12 EIZO Announces FlexScan® EV2303W – Monitor with TCO Displays 5.0 Certification and Presence Sensor
Aug 10 Eizo webshop offers additional payment possibilities
Aug 09 Eizo FlexScan S2242WSE tested and recommended by Danish flatpanels.dk / flatpanelshd.com
Maj 12 Eizo FlexScan SX3031W tested and recommended by Norwegian hardware.no
Maj 11 Eizo FlexScan S2432W awarded in Swedish MacWorld Magazine #2-2009
Apr 22 EIZO amongst the first to have products certified according to the TCO Display 5.0!
Apr 21 EIZO ColorEdge CG242W Wins TIPA 2009 Award for Best Photo Monitor
Mar 13 EIZO Introduces Industry’s First Post-Production and Broadcasting Monitor for Both Reference and Editing
Mar 04 EIZO Unveils S2242W LCD Monitor - This 22" monitor offers the same resolution as a 24" wide monitor, but occupies 10% less desk space.
Feb 26 Eizo FlexScan S2431W awarded best in test in Danish magazine 'Alt om DATA'!
Feb 20 EIZO Unveils FlexScan® S2232W and FlexScan® S2242W LCD Monitors for Financial Trading and Corporate Offices
Feb 17 EIZO Announces Color Matching Tool for Amateur Photographers
Feb 03 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge® CG242W LCD Monitor for Still and Moving Image Work
Jan 22 Eizo Cares About the Environment
Jan 15 EIZO Announces Mercury Free LCD Monitor in EcoView Series
Jan 09 EIZO Releases 3MP High brightness Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging
Jan 09 EIZO Releases 1MP High Contrast Color LCD Monitor for Medical Imaging
Dec 18 +++ CAMPAIGN +++ Get the 30-inch Eizo ColorEdge CG301W at decreased price!
Okt 31 EIZO Introduces FlexScan® S2202W and FlexScan® S2402W LCD Monitors for Corporate and Home Offices
Okt 01 EIZO Releases FlexScan® HD2442W Full High Definition Monitor for Gaming, Film Viewing and Video Editing
Aug 25 EIZO Issues Social and Environmental Report 2008
Jun 19 Eizo adds interactive online product brochures
Jun 03 Eizo cuts pricing on ColorEdge CG241W
Maj 21 Partition Your Screen with EIZO ScreenSlicer
Maj 14 Bundle Campaign with Spyder3Pro colorimeter!
Apr 15 Buy Eizo FlexScan S2001WSE at unique price level!
Feb 27 EIZO Announces Industry’s First 5MP LCD Monitor for Digital Mammography with 5-Year Warranty
Feb 27 EIZO Announces Industry’s First 5MP LCD Monitor for Digital Mammography with 5-Year Warranty
Feb 19 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge® CG301W 30" Widescreen Monitor with Wide Color gamut and Hardware Calibration
Feb 11 Eizo FlexScan S2231WSE awarded!
Feb 11 EIZO Introduces FlexScan® SX2761W and FlexScan SX2461W Wide Gamut LCD Monitors
Jan 22 The Swedish photo magazine 'Fotografisk tidskrift' has tested Eizo ColorEdge CG241W
Jan 17 EIZO ColorNavigator 5 Calibration Software now with Mac OS X 10.5 support
Okt 09 Eizo HD2441W tested and awarded by Flatpanels.dk
Okt 08 EIZO Introduces FlexScan® SX3031W 30" Widescreen LCD Monitor for Design and Engineering Professionals
Sep 25 Eizo HD2441W tested by PC World Norway - "brilliant image quality"
Sep 20 Eizo Best In Test!
Aug 29 Eizo Best In Test!
Aug 15 EIZO Introduces ColorEdge® CG241W for High-End Still and Moving Image Work
Aug 14 EIZO Announces FlexScan® Widescreen Monitor for Back Offices and Trading Rooms
Jun 27 EIZO acquires medical monitor business from Siemens A&D
Jun 19 Save energy with Eizo monitors!
Jun 13 EIZO Releases FlexScan® HD2441W Full High Definition Monitor
Jun 11 EIZO decreases price!
Maj 09 EIZO FlexScan S2411W recommended by Danish FLATPANELS.DK
Maj 07 EIZO ColorEdge CG211 Wins TIPA 2007 Award for Best Monitor
Apr 04 EIZO Europe AB further improves its web site with convienient buying!
Feb 28 EIZO Releases FlexScan® 21.1” Widescreen Monitor with Proprietary Technology for Clearer and Sharper Moving Picture Playback
Feb 28 EIZO adds-on to its Flex-Series of LCD Monitors - Latest 19” model combine with previous releases to offer wide selection of possibilities
Feb 14 EIZO Adds 24.1" Widescreen Format Model to FlexScan-M Series of Clinical Review Monitors - 1000:1 contrast ratio and DICOM modes
Jan 23 EIZO Releases FlexScan® Widescreen Monitor with Proprietary Technology for Clearer and Sharper Moving Picture Playback
Okt 31 EIZO Europe AB ("EIZO") soon to announce ColorEdge CE240W-DI for the digital intermedia market.
Okt 25 EIZO Announces RadiForce® RX210 LCD Monitor for Color and Monochrome Imaging at JFR 2006
Okt 25 EIZO Releases Color Vision Deficiency Simulation Monitor
Okt 17 EIZO adds-on to its Flex-Series of LCD Monitors
Okt 10 EIZO Announces Technical Collaboration with Epson and X-Rite for Color Matching Solution between Monitor and Prints
Sep 22 Eizo FlexScan S1931SH tested in SWECLOCKERS.COM
Aug 30 EIZO first to achieve TCO'06 Media Display monitor labeling
Jun 14 EIZO Adds three New Models of LCD Monitors for corporate and administrative users
Apr 04 EIZO Introduces Creator Edition (CE) Series with two additions to the ColorEdge® Line of High-End Professional LCDs
Feb 15 Eizo FlexScan S1911SHK received ‘BEST IN TEST’ by PC World Norway #2-2007
Feb 15 Now it's even safer to shop online from Eizo!
Feb 15 Eizo FlexScan M1900 and S2110W awarded in Norwegian PC World #2-2006
Feb 15 Eizo FlexScan S1910 wins the office battle!
Dec 15 Eizo FlexScan S2110W awarded 'Best in test' in Swedish PC För Alla (PC For All) 11-2005
Nov 25 Now also Eizo monitors in black version with TCO 03 certification!
Okt 20 Eizo FlexScan L997 awarded 'Best in test' i Swedish Mikrodatorn 14-2005!
Okt 04 EIZO Europe AB introduces NEW Web Portal!
Okt 04 EIZO Introduces Cost Performance FlexScan® P1700 17" LCD Monitor for Corporate and Consumer Markets
Sep 01 EIZO Expands LCD Offerings with FlexScan® S2110W Widescreen Monitor
Sep 01 EIZO Announces 19" FlexScan® S1910 LCD Monitor for Applications Requiring Smooth Motion Picture Playback
Sep 01 EIZO Introduces 17" FlexScan® M1700 LCD Monitor for Office Use
Aug 23 L778K
Aug 23 CG210K
Aug 23 Eizo Introduces FlexScan® L997 LCD Monitor with Wide Range of Image and Color Control Functions
Jan 01
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