Eizo Medical eNews November 2011

With the latest News in Monitor Solutions for Healthcare.

- 2MP/3MP Monitors with LED Backlight and Multifunctional Sensors
- 27 inch Review monitor with LED
- Unique 8 MP diagnostic Widescreen with LED
- 60 inch high resolution Widescreen for the Operating Room
- Family of Large Monitor Managers is expanded
- New Monitor Quality Control Software rel 4.0
- RSNA 2011 in Chicago
- ECR 2012 in Vienna
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2MP/3MP Monitors with LED Backlight and Multifunctional Sensors
The successful RadiForce G&R-Series of diagnostic monitors is now extended with four new models, the 3 megapixel monochrome GX340 and color RX340, and the 2 megapixel monochrome GX240 and color RX240
The new models incorporate LED (light-emitting diode) backlights which, unlike conventional CCFL (cold cathode fluorescent lamp) backlights, deteriorate more slowly and thus gives the monitor a longer service life.
By utilizing an energy-efficient LED backlight, the monitors achieve higher maximum brightness and reduction in power consumption of approximately 21% (EIZO’s internal measurement under the same conditions) compared to the same size monitor with a conventional CCFL backlight.
Since the LED backlight is mercury free, it will also reduce any potential impact on the environment upon disposal.
All models have an Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) housed within the front bezel to provide independent or remote verification measurement of the grayscale tones and calibration compliant to DICOM Part 14.

Also included is an integrated presence sensor that offers convenience and energy savings and an ambient lightsensor.
The presence sensor will prompt the monitor to switch to power save mode when it detects the user is away from the monitor and then resume normal operation when the user returns.

RX240 and RX340, like the widescreens RX430 and RX840, feature EIZO’s unique Hybrid Gamma function which automatically
distinguishes whether the displayed images are monochrome or color even within the same application. It then displays the monochrome images in DICOM Part 14 adjusted mode and the color images in gamma 2.2 adjusted mode.
All models will be available in early 2012.
Download the new Radiforce G&R brochure here>>
27-inch Review monitor with LED
RadiForce MX270W extends Eizo popular, cost effective, range of MDD certified review monitors that can be calibrated to DICOM part 14 standard and connected to Eizo RadiNETPro QC network.
MX270W features a 27-inch large screen size and a 2560 x 1440 high-resolution IPS panel ideal for displaying multiple images to improve the work efficiency of physicians and radiologists.
MX270W comes with LED backlight, ambient lightsensor and an Integrated Front Sensor bezel to provide independant or remote verification measurement of the grayscale tones and calibration compliant to DICOM Part 14.

MX270W is available now.
Download the new MX brochure here>>
Unique 8 MP diagnostic Widescreen with LED

RadiForce RX840 is a world first 8 megapixel diagnostic color monitor for versatile medical imaging with several superior features:
8 Megapixel Super-High-Resolution Display
Within its 36.4-inch screen size, RadiForce RX840 is capable of displaying 8 megapixels (4096 x 2160 native resolution) off
information volume without the obtrusive bezels. The monitor gives plenty of room to display all necessary imaging applications or windows at once.
Longer Service Life with LED Backlight
Unlike conventional CCFL backlights, LED backlights deteriorate more slowly and thus the monitor offers a longer service life.
This ensures stable and reliable performance that is needed for diagnostic monitors.

Color and Monochrome Images with Separate Gamma Curves
EIZO’s unique Hybrid Gamma function distinguishes whether the images being displayed are monochrome or color and
displays each image in optimum brightness and grayscale tones. This expands the usability of PACS applications by ensuring that color and monochrome medical images are optimally displayed
RX840 will be available in January 2012.
Download the new RX840 brochure here>>
60 inch high resolution Widescreen for the Operating Room
RadiForce LX600W is a new large widescreen LCD color monitor with an LED (light-emitting diode) backlight. This 8 megapixel monitor is designed for use in operating rooms (interventional radiology, cardiology, and surgery).
LX600W has superior contrast ratio of 4000:1 and brightness values of 520 cd/m². The new LED backlight guarantees optimum working conditions and an extended monitor life.
LX600W can be used separately or with an advantage together with new Large Monitor Manager LMM0802.
Availability is expected in March 2012.
Download the new LX600W brochure here>>
Family of Large Monitor Managers is expanded
New Large Monitor Manager LMM0802 enables digital images to be arranged flexibly on all Eizo large 8MP monitors , 56” LS560W and the newly introduced 37” RX840 and 60” LX600W.
Up to 8 video signals can be displayed simultaneously in 16 different windows on the monitor. Signals can range from DVI/HDMI 1200x1920 to PAL and analog VGA.
Large Monitor Manager have an integrated keyboard mouse switch (KVM) function. With just one keyboard and one mouse, up to eight different applications and pictures from different computers can be displayed and operated.
The LMM0802 like the LMM0801 is designed for use in interventional radiology, cardiology, and surgery, and is suited both to initial installations and subsequent integration in existing systems.
LMM0802 will be available during first quarter of 2012.
Download new LMM0802 brochure here>>
New Monitor Quality Control Software rel 4.0
Recently Eizo announced the release of the RadiCS monitor quality control (QC) software Version 4 and RadiNET Pro network QC management software Version 4.

RadiCS checks and calibrates the display quality of monitors to consistently ensure refined rendering of
medical images. RadiNET Pro enables centralized QC management of multiple monitors via an intra-hospital network.

New Features of RadiCS:
· A warning icon appears on the desktop taskbar when the monitor fails a QC check such as a constancy test.
· Acceptance and constancy test report generation possible with just one click of a mouse.
· Acceptance and constancy testing time reduced by 21% (EIZO’s internal measurement) compared to conventional software.

New Features of RadiNET Pro:
· “Monitor List” window with location, department, and room of all controlling monitors is displayed in tree view
for easy visual understanding.
· Supports display of various resolutions.
· Mozilla Firefox now supported by administrator PC.

The new version 4 is available now.


EIZO will be showing its latest medical monitor solutions at ’RSNA 2011’ and 'ECR 2012'
- RSNA 2011 in Chicago
For more information click here>>
- ECR 2012 in Vienna

  For more information click here>>

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