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Occupational Health and Safety Basic Policy

Established on Apr 26, 2019


The EIZO Group will create workplaces where all members are able to work safely and in good health. We established the following policies, endeavor to eradicate occupational incidents, and establish and implement activities concerning occupational health and safety.

We therefore:

  1. Conduct periodic assessments to identify occupational health and safety risks and implement appropriate countermeasures.
  2. Raise awareness of maintaining and improving physical, mental, and emotional health and continually improve the health and safety of our members through on-going collaboration between the companies and its employees.
  3. Establish an occupational health and safety management system and occupational health and safety goals, implement, review and continually improve performance.
  4. Create opportunities for participation and consultation on occupational health and safety issues between members and the companies and ensure open communication between them.
  5. Regularly educate members about occupational health and safety.
  6. Comply with legal, moral and all other requirements regarding occupational health and safety.
  7. Investigate and analyze the cause of any occupational accidents that may occurs and ensure corrective action is taken.
  8. Prepare and provide training so that prompt measures are taken should an accident occur.



Mr. Kiyotaka Hira
Operating Officer
General Affairs

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