Approved by classification companies

The monitor fulfills the requirements of the following classification companies: GL (Germany), BV (France), LR (UK), DNV (Norway), ABS (USA), ClassNK (Japan), KR (Korea) and CCS (China).

Large viewing angle thanks to VA technology

The VA panel offers a high contrast ratio and a very large viewing angle on the image. The contrast and colours of the image remain the same from almost every viewing angle. The anti-reflection coating also reduces annoying reflections, even when looking at the monitor from the side. 

Optimum legibility even during bright daylight

Optional optical bonding reduces annoying reflections and improves readability even during bright daylight. A thin layer of resin is filled between the LCD module and the top pane to bind the two together firmly. The screen has less reflections. And what's more: The screen is more resistant to impact and generally more resistant as a whole.

Without optical bonding
Without optical bonding
With optical bonding
With optical bonding

Flicker-free images

The monitor is fitted with LED backlighting to control brightness and prevent flickering. This places far less strain on the eyes when the screen is being observed for extended periods of time.

24/7 use guaranteed

The monitor is built for 24-hour use is impressively reliable. That is why EIZO gives a 3 years warranty. 

Bild: Zuverlässig auf hoher See
Reliable on the high seas

Heat, cold, vibration – the monitor is able to withstand the permanent strains of the maritime environment. It fulfills the IEC 60945 device standard for the fields of the environment and electromagnetic compatibility required for the licensing of maritime equipment. It also boasts an IP65 rating, and is even protected against dust and hose water getting into it. Other properties: A special coating protects the electronics from moisture. And the ventilator of the monitor can be accessed easily for a simple replacement.

Bild: Hohe Farbgenauigkeit für ECDIS
High colour accuracy for ECDIS

The monitor's gamma, brightness, and RGB colour space are calibrated in the factory. The colour rendering and display precisely fulfills the specifications of the ECDIS system and RADAR application in accordance with the IEC 61174, IEC 62288, and IEC 62388 standards.

Bild: Großer Dimmbereich für wechselnde Lichtverhältnisse
Large dimming range for changing light conditions

Suitable for day and night operation: Thanks to the wide dimming range from less than 1 cd/m2 to 540 cd/m2, the monitor is ideally suited to changing light conditions. This means that the brightness of the monitor can be optimally configured for all ambient lighting and can be used without problems even in dark rooms.

Touchscreen: schnell und sicher
Touchscreen: fast and secure

Thanks to the capacitive touchscreen, the monitor can be operated using a finger or touch pen. Typing, dragging, rotating, minimising – everything works quickly and directly. In addition, it is highly resistant to dust and water droplets, preventing unintentional entries.

Frequently asked questions
I cannot see the recommended resolution. What might be the problem?

This may be a problem with the graphics card driver. Please install the latest driver for your graphics card and restart the PC with the monitor.
Older graphics cards may not be able to display this resolution. In this case, you will require a new graphics card with the matching output.

There may be pixel errors on LCD screens. How does EIZO deal with this?

Screens have millions of pixels, which each have a surface area of less than a hundredth of a square millimetre. These elements may have defects, which are expressed by them being constantly lit or unlit. Visibility is fundamentally dependent on the surrounding area. For example, lit elements are almost invisible in a bright environment. Each LCD screen is unique in terms of pixel errors.
To give you a clear statement about what frequency of pixel errors EIZO deems tolerable, EIZO screen models are tested according to internationally recognized standards. On average the actual levels are in fact far below the tolerances across all of the devices. LCD modules that do not meet these requirements are not used at EIZO. Depending on the model, EIZO monitors have a zero pixel error guarantee for completely illuminated sub-pixels (partial pixels ISO 9241-307). Valid: six months from the purchase date.

Which graphics cards does EIZO recommend?

We cannot make a direct recommendation. The output signal should be digital and should support the maximum resolution of the monitor.

What does the USB hub do?

In connection with a USB-compatible computer, the monitor acts as a hub, to which other USB-compatible peripherals can be connected.

How do I clean the surface of my EIZO LCD monitor?

To keep your monitor looking like new at all times and to prolong the service life of your device, we recommend cleaning it regularly. Clean the casing and LCD surface as described below:

IMPORTANT: Never use thinner, benzene, alcohol (ethanol, methanol or isopropyl alcohol), scouring agents or other strong solvents as these may damage the casing and the LCD display.

Remove marks by wiping the casing with a soft cloth, which you have previously moistened with a mild cleaning agent. Never spray wax or cleaning agents directly on to the casing. (The manual contains exact details.)

LCD display
Where necessary, the monitor surface may be cleaned using a soft cloth (for example a cotton cloth or glasses cloth). Stubborn marks can generally be removed by wetting the cloth with a bit of water to increase the cleaning strength.


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