Colour management with corrected configuration of display and retouching settings is an indispensable prerequisite for the optimal matching of screen colours and print colours. This section describes the configuration of the recommended settings in Adobe Photoshop CS4 – software commonly used to edit digital photos taken with digital SLR cameras. All configuration steps up to the start of printing are described. Colour adjustment processes are presented using the printer driver.

Recommended settings of Adobe Photoshop CS4

(1) Select [Edit] - [Colour Settings] in the menu bar.

Farbeinstellungen in Photoshop Schritt 1

(2) Select the option [Europe Prepress 2] in the settings dropdown menu. Click on [OK]. If you are working in a version other than CS4, select the option "Prepress".

Farbeinstellungen in Photoshop Schritt 2

(3) Open the image. Select the option [Use the embedded profile (instead of the working space)] in the display field shown. Click on [OK].

Farbeinstellungen in Photoshop Schritt 3

If you have questions about settings and procedures that are not described here, or if you have questions about software applications, contact the manufacturer of the respective software directly.

Select printer

In these documents, the inkjet printer EPSON R2400 UltraChrome K3 is used as a reference for colour matching. The following reasons are key for this:

  • The printer uses a pigmented dye, the colour of which changes slightly in the time between printing and stabilization (dry print).
  • There is a preconfigured print mode for precisely printing sRGB images.
  • There are only minimal colour errors when coordinating the printer with the printer drivers that perform colour conversion.

We cannot make any statements regarding other printers. Please contact the respective manufacturers directly.

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