The EIZO RadiForce monitors offer special screens for all applications – as a colour or greyscale monitor. They are designed such that they allow the user a high degree of clarity despite complex diagnostic scenarios – while simultaneously complying with all of the legal requirements – as well as offering optimum image quality. Due to the screen size, the hanging and reading protocols can be displayed clearly and individually, making the workflows easier and more efficient.

The Digital Uniformity Equaliser function balances out differences in terms of brightness and chrominance in various areas of the screen. The front sensor integrated in the frame (IFS) measures brightness and grayscales and calibrates the monitor according to the DICOM standard. This guarantees consistent image quality.

RadiForce Multi Serie

EIZO's high-resolution diagnostic monitors have been specially developed for multi-mode inspections, allowing the parallel display of cross-sectional images, sonography images, x-rays, or mammographs. They are characterized by the large screen sizes, which enable the simultaneous display of images with different modalities, without the annoying frames.

The EIZO benefits at a glance

  1. Reliable image rendering using the DICOM GSDF characteristic curve
  2. High cost efficiency due to the selection of different monitors to fulfill various requirements
  3. Durability
  4. Customised workstation equipment
  5. Increased efficiency
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Practical Knowledge: Monitor Solutions for Teleradiology

When used for teleradiological applications, EIZO RadiForce monitors not only impress with their image quality, but also with their ability to perform a fully automated metrological consistency test, thanks to integrated sensors. We have compiled further information on the subject in the EIZO Practical Expertise section.

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