FlexScan EV2490
03/2022 | Office

EIZO introduces the FlexScan EV2490, an IPS monitor with full USB-C connectivity that combines modern functionality with outstanding image quality and fits into any workplace thanks to its 23.8-inch format.

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SSZ-9700 and SSC-9700
03/2022 | Industry

Ultra-high sensitivity HD colour cameras with 2.12 megapixel CMOS sensor in 1/1.8 inch format for disaster control, access and law enforcement and area surveillance.

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ColorEdge CG2700S and CG2700X
01/2022 | Photography, design & media

New 27" high-end monitors for photo and film editing, CGI or game design with WQHD or UHD resolution, integrated LAN connection and power delivery of up to 92 or 94 watts.

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Sustainability certification: TCO Certified Generation 9
12/2021 | Office

EIZO announces TCO Certified Generation 9 sustainability certification. Eight business monitors from the FlexScan series are among the first products in the world to be certified according to the new and strict criteria.

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FlexScan EV2485
08/2021 | Office

New 24" monitor in 16:10 format with state-of-the-art connectivity thanks to USB-C upstream, DisplayPort and HDMI inputs as well as four USB downstream ports. In addition, its picture quality, ergonomics and energy-saving options are impressive.

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08/2021 | Industry

Simplified image analysis thanks to the new EVS1VX and EVS1VS image optimisation systems.

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RadiForce RX370
08/2021 | Medicine

Discover the new 3-megapixel colour monitor for radiology reporting

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DuraVision FDF2182WT
06/2021 | Industry

21.5" touchscreen monitor for use in industrial, medical and public areas.

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EIZO joins SRT Alliance
06/2021 | Industry

EIZO Corporation has joined the SRT Alliance and integrated the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol into its DuraVision IP decoding solutions. The products that support the new protocol are the DuraVision FDF2711W-IP and DX0211-IP.

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9 years ahead of schedule
02/2021 | General corporate message

EIZO Corporation will meet its CO2 emissions reduction goal as early as fiscal year 2021. The goal, which was originally set to be achieved by fiscal year 2030, is on course to be met 9 years earlier than expected. This was achieved as a result of EIZO using green electricity at its main manufacturing facilities in Japan.

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FlexScan EV2480
02/2021 | Office

New 23.8” Full-HD monitor with USB-C port. The EIZO FlexScan EV2480 offers the variety of advanced interfaces, including USB downstream ports, as well as USB-C upstream, DisplayPort and HDMI signal inputs. It also delivers top image quality, ergonomics and power management functions.

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Scientific and Technical Award by Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
02/2021 | Photography, design & media

EIZO Corporation announced that it has been awarded a Scientific and Technical Award by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences for its ColorEdge CG Series monitors with integrated self-calibration sensors.

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EIZO and Milestone make plug-ins for managing IP decoding solutions
02/2021 | Industry

As part of a technical cooperation, EIZO and Milestone have integrated a plug-in for using DuraVision IP decoding solutions from EIZO in the video management software (VMS) Milestone XProtect®.

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FlexScan EV3895
11/2020 | Office

A mammoth 37.5-inch ultra-wide monitor that begs for interaction. The curved ultra-wide screen with a 24:10 aspect ratio appears to offer virtually unlimited space. Its resolution of 3840 x 1600 pixels provides almost three times the resolution of a Full-HD monitor and a clear, perfectly readable display at 111 ppi.

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ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 wins HPA Award
11/2020 | Photography, design & media

The prestigious Hollywood Professional Association (HPA) has awarded the EIZO ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3146 its coveted Engineering Excellence 2020 Award.

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Flexscan EV24795 and EV2795
09/2020 | Office

EIZO releases the 27-inch FlexScan EV2795 and the 24.1-inch FlexScan EV2495 – two new, virtually frameless LCD monitors that are ideal for hot desking and remote working that can act as docking stations when accessed via USB Type-C.

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CS2740 - EISA Monitor of the Year 2020-2021
08/2020 | Photography, design & media

ColorEdge CS2740 monitor has been named Monitor of the Year 2020-2021 by the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA). EISA is a unique association of 61 special interest magazines from 29 countries.

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Colourclass Namibia
07/2020 | Photography, design & media

EIZO is set to release the next instalment of its highly popular Colourclass video series. This class tackles the basics of panoramic photography, astrophotography and wildlife photography.

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DuraVision FDS1703-A
05/2020 | Industry

New 17-inch monitor for surveillance equipped with HDMI and BNC-connectors.

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04/2020 | Photography, design & media

EIZO releases world’s first true HDR reference monitor with built-in calibration sensor for professional colour grading.

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FlexScan EV2360
04/2020 | Office

The FlexScan EV2360 features a 22.5-inch IPS LCD, making it the smallest of EIZO’s virtually frameless screens. Its high native resolution of 1920 x 1200 displays 11% more content that a conventional monitor with a Full-HD resolution (1920 x 1080).

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ColorEdge CS2740
03/2020 | Photography, design & media

The CS2740 offers full UHD 4K resolution for videographers, maximum sharpness for photographers, and absolute precision and rich colours for all.

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RadiForce RX1270
03/2020 | Medicine

The EIZO RadiForce RX1270 allows a wide range of medical images of different examination methods and body regions to be displayed precisely.

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EIZO at ECR 2020
03/2020 | Medicine

New EIZO radiological monitor solutions presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria

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02/2020 | Office

EIZO joins the Responsible Business Alliance and is among the first suppliers of ENERGY STAR 8-certified screens.

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FlexScan EV2760
02/2020 | Office

With a 27-inch diagonal and 2560 x 1440 pixels, the new FlexScan EV2760 offers plenty of scope for efficient use in the office. Whether it’s text, graphics, photos or videos – users enjoy crystal clear, incredibly detailed image reproduction on its large screen.

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ColorEdge CS2731: 27-inch wide gamut monitor with USB-C port
02/2020 | Photography, design & media

The CS2731 unites precision, colour fidelity and cutting-edge connectivity thanks to its USB-C port. This makes the monitor the central interface for the graphic workflow of sophisticated creatives with high standards.

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DuraVision FDF2711W-IP
01/2020 | Industry

27-inch IP decoding monitor for security and surveillance applications using the second generation decoding platform. DuraVision FDF2711W-IP, the IP decoding monitor from EIZO, is the new addition in the company’s specialised portfolio for security and surveillance applications.

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FlexScan EV2460
01/2020 | Office

The new 23.8-inch monitor with IPS panel and narrow bezel for modern office environments. The FlexScan EV2460 is ideal for office use and all environments that require a slim, compact design. The narrow bezel of the EV2460 stands out immediately.

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EIZO Limited Announces new partnership with distributor CI Distribution
12/2019 | General corporate message

EIZO Limited, the UK subsidiary of the visual technology company EIZO Corporation, has announced an exciting new distribution partnership with the well-established and reputed IT provider CI Distribution.

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FORIS NOVA: 21.6-inch OLED monitor for home entertainment
11/2019 | General corporate message

The 21.6” OLED monitor is perfect for home entertainment such as 4K videos, streaming and gaming, and especially for HDR content.

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EIZO Limited office relocated
09/2019 | General corporate message

EIZO Limited, the UK regional group of Japanese visual solutions company EIZO Corporation, has relocated to new headquarters on Ascot Business Park, after more than doubling its team and revenue, and outgrowing its previous premises on London Road, Bracknell.

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ColorEdge CS2410: Graphics monitor for the creative novice
06/2019 | Photography, design & media

The ColorEdge CS2410 is the perfect introduction to the EIZO graphics monitor series. The 24-inch monitor is designed for creative professionals working in the sRGB gamut.

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DuraVision FDS1903-A
05/2019 | Industry

New 19-inch monitor for security and surveillance applications

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DuraVision DX0211-IP
04/2019 | Industry

EIZO is proud to present the first IP decoder box solution for video monitoring with dual 4K reproduction and direct connection for up to 64 IP cameras.

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03/2019 | Photography, design & media

German Broadcast Technology Institute (IRT) evaluates the EIZO ColorEdge PROMINENCE CG3145

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Partnership between EIZO Italia and SHD Italia
03/2019 | Medicine

Early 2019 marks the agreement between SHD Italia and EIZO to provide complete solutions for the planning and implementation of operating theatres.

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RadiCS 5 and RadiNET Pro 5
02/2019 | Medicine

EIZO launches the fifth version of its quality control software. Its quality control processes include the maintenance and management of diagnostic and clinical review monitors.

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FlexScan EV2457
02/2019 | Office

The EV2457, with its virtually frameless design, is the ideal solution for multi-display viewing. Other monitors can be conveniently interlinked via the DisplayPort output.

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EIZO at ECR 2019
02/2019 | Medicine

New EIZO radiological monitor solutions presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria

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RadiForce MX194
01/2019 | Medicine

The MX194 is especially well suited for use by referring medical specialists. Thanks to its DICOM® tone value characteristic curve, it displays grey tones of object-oriented radiological images.

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EIZO meets the TCO Certified, generation 8 requirements
01/2019 | Office

11 of its monitors from the FlexScan EV series are among the first products in the entire sector that meet the new criteria of the eighth generation of TCO Certified

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RadiForce RX360
11/2018 | Medicine

The new 3-megapixel colour monitor for radiology with a high-contrast LTPS LCD and functionalities that ensure convenience and efficiency

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EIZO Europe and Accellence Technologies
11/2018 | Industry

A partnership between EIZO Europe and Hanover-based Accellence Technologies is creating ultra-secure and highly flexible video security solutions.

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FlexScan EV3285
10/2018 | Office

The EV3285 is ideally suited for professional applications thanks to 4K Full HD resolution, its 31.5-inch screen and its USB-C port.

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EIZO RadiForce GX560-MD
10/2018 | Medicine

Monochrome 5-megapixel monitor with space- and time-saving features

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Colourclass Lofoten
10/2018 | Photography, design & media

EIZO launches unique film project

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Quick Color Match supports paper types from Hahnemühle, Tecco and SIHL
09/2018 | Photography, design & media

The most recent update for Quick Color Match now also provides support for the popular photo paper types from the manufacturers Hahnemühle, SIHL and Tecco.

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ColorEdge CG279X
09/2018 | Photography, design & media

ColorEdge CG279X: 27” high-end monitor for video post-production, pre-printing and image processing.

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EIZO and Genetec
09/2018 | Industry

EIZO and Genetec collaborate to equip Security Centre VMS with a plugin for IP monitor management and control capability.

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EIZO at photokina 2018
09/2018 | Photography, design & media

ColorEdge graphic monitors from EIZO have such a deep colour gamut that you’ll practically want to dive in. With this in mind, EIZO is proud to present the following at photokina 2018.

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New distributor in the Nordic region
08/2018 | General corporate message

EIZO gears up in the Nordic region with Tech Data as new distributor

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FlexScan EV2430
07/2018 | Office

The new ergonomic and energy-saving 24-inch monitor for office use.

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ColorEdge CG319X
07/2018 | Photography, design & media

The second-generation high-end 4K graphics monitor from EIZO

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EIZO celebrates 50 years of visual technology excellence
04/2018 | General corporate message

EIZO Corporation is celebrating the golden anniversary of its founding.

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Quick Color Match, the color management software, supports ILFORD photo paper
02/2018 | Photography, design & media

The most recent update for Quick Color Match now also provides support for the popular photo paper formats from ILFORD.

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EIZO at ECR 2018
02/2018 | Medicine

New EIZO radiological monitor solutions presented at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna, Austria.

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New EIZO graphics board series for medical applications
02/2018 | Medicine

EIZO has released a new graphics board product portfolio consisting of three new models.

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EIZO announces new stands that meet maritime standards
01/2018 | Industry

EIZO announced the MDS-T191 and MDS-T261 – two stands compatible with its current lineup of 19- and 25.5-inch marine monitors.

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FlexScan EV2785: EIZO releases 27" 4K monitor with a frameless design
11/2017 | Office

EIZO announced the release of the FlexScan EV2785, its first 27-inch 4K monitor and one featuring a frameless design and USB Type-C connectivity.

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EIZO announces the release of the RadiForce MS236WT
11/2017 | Medicine

EIZO Releases 23-inch Multitouch Colour LCD Monitor with Smooth and Detailed Handwriting Input.

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EIZO this year again at the world´s largest trade fair for the medical sector -MEDICA 2017
10/2017 | Medicine

EIZO will present products and solutions out of its diversified range of products for the fields integrated OR, endoscopy as well as interventional radiology.

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EIZO ColorEdge CG2730 receives the EISA Award 2017–2018
09/2017 | Photography, design & media

Experts from 50 trade journals all over Europe deemed that the ColorEdge CG2730 monitor is the best photo display of 2017–2018.

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EIZO announces the release of the RadiForce RX560
08/2017 | Medicine

EIZO releases 5 megapixel colour medical monitor with LTPS LCD, a unique dual stand and new features for improved usability.

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08/2017 | Photography, design & media

EIZO presents the HDR reference Monitor and announces HDR gamma support for further monitors.

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RadiForce MX315W
05/2017 | Medicine

4K monitor with 31.1” diagonal and slimline, lightweight design for displaying radiological images.

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DuraVision MDF4601WT
05/2017 | Industry

EIZO announces 46" chart table monitor with touch panel capability for maritime route planning and navigation.

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ColorEdge Ambassador Program now includes 31 members from 17 countries
04/2017 | Photography, design & media

EIZO is pleased to welcome six new members to its international ColorEdge Ambassador programme.

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EIZO releases 6 megapixel medical monitor with new functionality for improving efficiency in reading rooms
04/2017 | Medicine

The RadiForce RX660, a 30-inch 6 megapixel monitor is ideal for multi-modality applications.

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EIZO Monitor Test Relaunch
03/2017 | General corporate message

EIZO Europe Revamps Successful Test Tool

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EIZO at ECR 2017
02/2017 | Medicine

EIZO will introduce new radiological monitor solutions at the European Congress of Radiology in Vienna.

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FlexScan EV2456 and FlexScan EV2451
01/2017 | Office

EIZO releases ultra-slim, 24inch class, fully flat monitors for business environments.

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