EIZO RadiForce RX350

RadiForce RX350 features 3 megapixel resolution and high luminance – perfect for precisely displaying radiological images. The device provides high image quality, advantageous for displaying greyscale images (particularly ones of the thorax and microstructures) as well as colour images made from 3D reconstructions and a combination of various imaging methods.

In terms of image sharpness, the RX350 stands out with a new blur-reducing function. Due to overexposure, LCD panels with high brightness tend to produce images that are not as sharp as the actual image that was taken. Because of this, EIZO offers blur reduction built into the monitor hardware. This ensures that detailed contours, which are hampered by antireflection technology and image brightness, are readily visible on the screen. As a result, the reproduced image is as clear as possible.

Narrow black frontal bezels make this device ideal for use in dark environments. They make it easy to visually concentrate on the display. Meanwhile, a white bezel at the side of the monitor creates a fresh, clean look. As such, the RX350 is perfectly designed for diagnostic use.

The RX350 offers effortless quality control as well as precise calibration of white balance and tonal values, with the help of an integrated sensor. This integrated sensor is located beneath the bezel in sleep mode and extends to the display surface when measurements are being performed, without disturbing image reproduction in radiology. It can be used with RadiCS during calibration, and also allows for fully independent, automatic selfcalibration. This saves time and money.

An easy multi-screen solution: The signal input and output on the monitor enable multiple RX350 devices to be interlinked via DisplayPort interface. This makes it very easy to create multi-screen solutions without requiring a large number of annoying cables.

The device’s design and technology offer ergonomic comfort as well as one-of-a-kind image precision for use in modern radiology. Its imaging properties, in particular brightness and contrast, are suitable for configuring DIN 6868-157 compliant image reproduction systems. EIZO provides a five-year on-site replacement service, and will begin supplying the RadiForce RX350 in Europe from now on.

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