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Marco Olivotto

Color Correction and Retouching
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Marco Olivotto is a physicist who works in the field of sound and image. In 2007 he approached color correction and post production of photographic images, becoming a renowned expert in the field. He took on the practices recommended by Dan Margulis, the father of color correction in Photoshop, and teaches in several university-level courses in Italy and abroad. He has written for several magazines and is an official speaker for FESPA on the subject of color. He has recorded more than 50 hours of video courses on the subject of color and its treatment for the Italian leading company Teacher-in-a-Box, producing what is currently considered the most organic collection of tutorials in the field. His Facebook group on color correction counts 3,000 subscribers (as of February 2016) and he runs two blogs – (Italian) and (English). He has collaborated with EIZO as a testimonial since 2015.

Case Study

“I do not need beauty and smoothening in my job; I need a clear, faithful and unequivocal result. So far with EIZO, I have had all the results I need.”

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Marco Olivotto explains how ColorEdge monitors help maintain a consistent workflow and optimal color for creating the art that you want.