Excellent image quality for ultra-sharp details

The monitor offers excellent image quality with a high resolution of 2 megapixel (colour), a high contrast ratio of 1000:1 and stable brightness up to 300 cd/m2. Even the smallest details are differentiated in the display, regardless of the angle at which the monitor is viewed.

One billion colour tones thanks to 12 bit LUT

Colour rendering is controlled by a 12 bit look-up table (LUT), up to 10 bits of which are available in the DisplayPort connection. This produces a resolution with a maximum of 1 billion colour tones. The rendering characteristic and fine structures required for diagnostics can therefore be precisely identified.

Photograph: Precise color control without 12 bit LUT
Without 12 bit LUT
Photograph: Precise color control with 12 bit LUT
With 12 bit LUT

Unobstructed viewing with the widescreen format

An aspect ratio of 16:9 horizontally allows you to see much more than on conventional monitors, for example, when viewing two images side by side.

Uniform brightness and high colour purity

The monitor shines thanks to its high colour purity and uniform illumination. This is down to the Digital Uniformity Equalizer (DUE), which corrects imbalances automatically, pixel by pixel. Grey and colour tones of radiological and other medical images are correctly rendered over the entire display. This is vital for diagnostics.

Photograph: R&M without DUE
Without DUE
Photograph: R&M with DUE
With DUE


Brightness and DICOM® characteristic curve can be checked using the RadiCS LE software and automatically calibrated according to the factory default settings. The integrated sensor in the device takes care of this. The calibration of other tone value curves, such as CIE, is also possible with RadiCS LE.

Extended durations of use thanks to automatic shut down

The monitor has an automatic shut down option for the backlight (backlight saver). This extends the duration of use. Similar to a screen saver, the LEDs turn off when the screen is not being used. 

The backlight saver is part of the RadiCS software.

FlexStand: ergonomic base

The base allows the monitor to be tilted and turned, as well as operated in landscape or portrait form. The seamless height adjustment starts from the very bottom on the desk. This guarantees optimal ergonomics, regardless of whether you are standing or sitting in front of the screen. Despite its maximum movement possibilities, the FlexStand base always remains completely stable. 

One monitor, many ports

It doesn't get easier than this: You can connect most of your devices, such as PC, laptop or cameras directly to the monitor because the monitor hasa number of different ports. That makes your daily work easier.

Foto: DICOM-Preset
Display of DICOM® characteristic at the press of a button

EIZO measures and adjusts each tone of grey carefully so that the monitors comply with the DICOM® standard when delivered from the factory. The result is a particularly consistent gradation of grey tones, allowing for optimal radiological clinical reviews.

Foto: Konstante Helligkeit
Constant brightness during operation

A sensor for the backlight permanently determines the luminance of the monitor. The benefit: The defined and calibrated values are rendered exactly just seconds after the monitor is turned on and remain constant during the entire period of use. The sensor is invisibly integrated in the monitor.

Foto: Signaleingänge zwei Rechner
Connections for two computers

DisplayPort and DVI-I input enable the connection of two image signals. You can therefore connect two computers simultaneously. You can switch between them automatically or manually, if desired.

Foto: LED-Hintergrundbeleuchtung
Modern LED backlight

The monitor has a modern LED backlight. This has several advantages over a conventional CCFL tube: the brightness remains uniformly high, electricity consumption is low, and the service life is significantly longer. The LED backlight is also free from mercury, making it environmentally friendly when disposed of.

MED-XN51LP Graphic board
For precise diagnoses: EIZO graphics card MED-XN51LP

The EIZO MED-XN51LP graphics card supports the properties, functions, and settings of the RadiForce MX232W-DT optimally. It enables precise diagnostics and can control several monitors simultaneously. EIZO offers technical support and a warranty service for all graphics cards. Therefore, we recommend using EIZO graphics cards.

Display the specifications of the MED-XN51LP

Five-year warranty

EIZO grants a five-year warranty. This is possible thanks to the highly developed production process based on a simple principle of success: sophisticated and innovative monitor technology, made from high-end materials.

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