What does "viewing angle" mean?

The viewing angle relates to the angle, beneath which the contrast is better than 10:1. These are normally values of 160° to 178°. These values do not provide any information about what enormous differences in contrast may result within the viewing angle. The contrasts should not change significantly for users with a perpendicular view and a slightly side-on view. It must not make a difference whether the viewer is looking at the middle of the image or the edge of the image. How much the contrast stability varies with different LCD technologies is best checked using a measurement diagram or by a direct visual comparison. The more stable the contrast in the user's viewing frustum, the better the image rendering.

What does color temperature mean?

The color temperature is a benchmark for measuring the white tone and is stated in Kelvin. At high temperatures, the white tone appears slightly blue, while it has a more red tone at low temperatures.
5000 K: Often used in the printing industry.
6500 K: Suitable for displaying photos and video images.

How does self-calibration work?

Devices with an integrated calibration sensor are able to perform calibration without the help of the user. The computer does not even need to be switched on. When programmed once, the calibration will start at night, during the lunch break, or at other, definable times. It is easy to program using the ColorNavigator or the on-screen menu.

Which operating system is required for the ColorNavigator calibration software?

EIZO offers different versions of the ColorNavigator software. They are compatible with Windows or Mac operating systems.

What does the remote control do?

The remote control makes it easier for the user to adjust the screen optimally. Important functions are available intuitively at the press of a button. This includes: Switching between a console, video player, computer, picture in picture, game and through mode, as well as volume, bass, depth and level.

Can I run two PCs on one LCD?

EIZO monitors are normally equipped with two or more signal inputs. You can seamlessly switch back and forth between two or more PCs by pressing a button, signal 1-2 or "S", depending on the model.

What does HDMI mean?

High Definition Multimedia Interface. Interface to transfer digital audio and video data

Do I need a driver for my EIZO monitor?

No, you do not need a driver. The monitors are identified via the signaling line and then installed as a standard or plug & play monitor.

What does dynamic contrast enhancement and outline enhancement do?

Dynamic contrast and outline enhancement brings more contrast into the image during color tone reproduction, while simultaneously optimizing sharpness. This means that dark scenes are shown in the highest level of detail. This makes images look more vivid and films look more life-like.

Isn’t text on a 4K monitor difficult to read?

It doesn’t have to be. You can maintain the precision of the 4K image while viewing text at a size comfortable for you.

Older EIZO models

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