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Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Disclosure Policy

EIZO's basic information disclosure policy is to disclose accurate information to stakeholders, including shareholders and investors, in a timely and fair manner. EIZO strives for timely disclosure of information on material facts as defined by the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) on which EIZO is listed and also of other important information which may affect business results.

2. Method of Disclosure

In accordance with the TSE’s timely disclosure regulations, EIZO discloses information applicable to these regulations via the TSE’s TDnet (Timely Disclosure Network) systems. EIZO posts such publicly disclosed information on its website promptly to fairly notify general investors.

EIZO also discloses information other than that which is applicable to the timely disclosure regulations through news media and EIZO's website when EIZO considers them to be effective for understanding EIZO.

3. Quiet Period

To prevent the leakage of business results and ensure fairness, EIZO has specified the period from one week before the end closing date of each quarter until the business results announcement date as a quiet period. During this period, EIZO refrains from responding to any inquiries on its business results or making any comments thereof. However, if EIZO anticipates important facts or significant differences will occur between the original forecasts and actual results during the quiet period, EIZO will disclose such information in a timely manner based on the disclosure regulations.

4. Purpose of Information

Information on this website is intended as neither an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy shares of EIZO, but rather as an easy reference to investors. EIZO takes great care with this information; however, it may contain unexpected errors. EIZO is not responsible for any damages or losses incurred from the use of this website. Investors are requested to make final investment decisions based on their own judgment and refrain from relying solely on the information on this website.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

Forward-looking statements in EIZO's disclosure materials, other than those of historical fact, are based on EIZO’s assumptions and beliefs in light of information currently available, and involve risks and uncertainties. Actual results may differ materially from these forecasts.

6. Others

When searching for information about EIZO on this website, please also refer to the Terms of Use, in addition to this Disclosure Policy.