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Monitor Solutions for Industrial Environments

EIZO offers a range of monitors built to last in industrial and factory environments. Every monitor is developed, manufactured, and tested in-house at EIZO's own facilities to ensure maximum reliability in deployments.

Integrated Production

EIZO Corporation (Headquarters)

In-House Touch Panel Monitor Production

Touch Panel Monitors for Console Operation

EIZO offers a range of sizes and touch technologies to suit any installation.

Full Range of Sizes

  • 25.5-inch and 55-inch models are available from our maritime lineup. Learn more.

Touch Panel Technologies

PCAP Touch Technology

Features: High response, multi-touch support, responds to bare fingers or styluses

Recommended Applications: Clinics, public access areas, schools and other environments that need smooth writing


SAW Touch Technology

Features: Responds while wearing gloves, durable in environments where used frequently

Recommended Applications: Public access areas, consoles, ATMs and kiosks


Analog Resistive Touch Technology

Features: Mitigates unintended or erroneous input, responds while wearing gloves and supports styluses

Recommended Applications: Industrial system consoles and machines


Touch Technology Characteristics

Touch Points
Wearing Gloves
Slide Motion
Input from
1 to 10
(varies by model)
Low1 Yes2 Yes Glass High
Acoustic Wave
1 or 2
(varies by model)
Yes Yes3 Low Glass Low
1 Yes Yes No Film4 High
  • 1 Only responds with thin or specialized gloves.
  • 2 Requires active stylus or capacitive stylus pen.
  • 3 Responds best to soft, broad-tipped stylus or pointer.
  • 4 May retain scratches when contacted with sharp or hard objects.

Small-Size Monitors for Industrial Applications

EIZO offers a range of wide range of small-size monitors for use in consoles, industrial machines, and other systems. The lineup includes wide and square formats, as well as sizes 10.4 inches and up. Every monitor is built for 24-hour use and is backed by a 2-year manufacturer's warranty for long-term reliability.

High Durability

DuraVision small-size monitors are capable of withstanding temperatures ranging from 0 - 50°C for high durability in industrial environments. They can be installed facing upwards or downwards without negative impact on operation.

Wide Range of Configurations

To accommodate the requirements of various installations, several models are available in a range of configurations: with stand, VESA mount (no stand), panel mount, and chassis. This allows for flexible installation to wall or ceiling fixtures or attached to machinery or consoles.

Business Monitors for Administrative Areas

Designed to Protect Your Eyes

EIZO's extensive FlexScan range of monitors for business enterprise are the perfect fit for back offices and administrative areas. They are equipped with features to protect your eyes and keep viewing comfortable throughout the day, such as blue light reduction and flicker-free display. They come in a wide range of sizes and resolutions to suit any installation.

Sustainable Monitor Design

FlexScan Sustainable Monitors are at the forefront of EIZO's efforts to contribute to a sustainable future. Many models are made of more than 60% recycled plastic to mitigate the amount of waste going into the environment. They are also safely packed using molded pulp, which is made from recycled cardboard and newspaper to reduce environmental impact.

Maintaining a Secure Facility

EIZO's visual solutions for security & surveillance help factories and manufacturing facilities monitor the production process in real time, maintain a safe environment, and protect valuable assets. Solutions such as EIZO's IP decoding monitors can send alerts when an event occurs so personnel can respond accordingly.

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