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See Everything at a Comfortable Distance

The closer you sit to a large monitor, the greater the distance between your eyes and the far edges of the screen. The FlexScan EV3895 ultrawide, curved monitor gently brings the edges in to a more comfortable distance, improving visibility, focus, and immersion.

EIZO's First Ultrawide, Curved Monitor

Tidy Multi-Monitor Setup

Cable management for multi-monitor environments can pose a challenge. FlexScan monitors with daisy chain compatibility allows you to connect multiple monitors in succession using a single video signal cable between each. This allows you to take advantage of an efficient multi-monitor setup while keeping the work area free of excessive cabling.

What do I Need to Know about Daisy Chaining?

Synchronized Multi-Monitor Control

Control the settings of multiple monitors with Screen InStyle software.
You can conveniently apply brightness, color, and other display settings to multiple monitors with monitor synchronization. Adjustments made to a single monitor will automatically be reflected on other monitors, including powering on and off which is not only easy, but saves energy.

Care for the Environment and You

Achieving a sustainable society where we do no harm to the environment nor waste precious resources is an important initiative for businesses and communities. FlexScan Sustainable Monitors are at the forefront of EIZO's efforts to contribute to this sustainable future.

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Product Sustainability

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