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Shareholder Return

Basic Policy on Profit Distribution to Shareholders

We state that our key management objective is to achieve sustainable growth through business expansion and performance improvement, while maintaining financial soundness and providing returns to shareholders, and we will increase the profitability of capital as we progress toward a ROE of 8% and above. We will further strengthen the return to shareholders and set the target level of the shareholders return ratio at 70% of net income after comprehensive consideration. We will dynamically determine the shareholder return ratio for each fiscal year in accordance with our business performance & environment and capital needs, etc. For 23F, we plan to increase the dividend for the 11th consecutive year.
We will use retained earnings to implement the measures of the 7th Mid-Term Business Plan, strengthen the business model including M&A, invest for future growth, and invest in strategic inventory investment, which is our strength in long-term stable supply, to respond to the rapidly changing economic environment and technological innovation. We aim to sustainably increase corporate value through business expansion and performance improvement, and we return the profits to our shareholders.

Dividend Payments