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Products that Address Environmental Issues

This section highlights initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our products.
*Supported initiatives may vary depending on the model.

Multiple Power-Saving Features

Our products are equipped with multiple power-saving features, including automatic brightness control that reduces backlight, low power consumption during standby mode, power save mode, and a function that confirms the amount of power saved. Users can substantially reduce electricity consumption for an entire office by using our freely available power management software to simultaneously adjust the brightness and power of multiple monitors centrally.

Reduction of Plastics in Products

Our products’ housings are made of recycled plastic, exceeding 50% for products with a high percentage of recycled plastic. We are also designing lighter and smaller products to reduce the amount of plastic used and to improve the efficiency of transportation and delivery to reduce GHG emissions.

No Paint on Product Housings

Because paint can contain chemicals associated with air pollutants, we only use plastic materials for the exterior color, gloss, smoothness, and other textures and do not use paint for the finish. In addition, we use flame retardant-free plastics. These measures reduce the release of chemical substances into the environment for the benefit of the environment and workers’ health while also reducing chemical substances and improving recyclability.

Resource-Saving in Packaging and Cushioning Materials

We use cardboard boxes made of recycled paper as packaging for our products and are gradually replacing plastic with paper for bags containing accessories. In addition, we promote the use of pulp molds made of 100% recycled materials for cushioning materials.
Suppliers are encouraged to reduce packaging materials from the stage of parts procurement, for example by discontinuing the use of plastic packaging.
Efforts to reduce and reuse packaging materials include reusing returnable boxes and used packaging materials for product deliveries to specific customers and for the transportation of parts between domestic and overseas factories.

Minimized Accessories to Reduce Waste during Installation

Only a power cable and a minimal number of video signal cables are supplied with the product to prevent wasting unused cables during installation. For corporate customers, we also offer special options that exclude stands and cables not needed for installation or package multiple units in a single box. This minimizes working hours and waste during installation and reduces the resources and energy used during transportation.