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Touch Panel Monitors for Every Environment


Reception desks, ATMs, digital directories, civic centers, and more - touch panel monitors are frequently used to provide services and information in a range of environments. EIZO's lineup of touch panel monitors covers multiple touch technologies and feature sets to suit any application.

Touch Technology Ideal for Public Facilities

PCAP Touch Technology

DuraVision monitors with projected capacitive (PCAP) touch technology accept touch input from a bare finger or stylus. They can detect up to 10 simultaneous touches for easily operating applications. High responsiveness to tapping, swiping, and flicking motions makes touch operation intuitive and smooth for use in a range of environments.

EIZO offers PCAP monitors in these sizes:


SAW Touch Technology

For environments that require the use of gloves, DuraVision monitors with surface acoustic wave (SAW) technology provide intuitive touch operation. They support 2-point multi-touch and accept touch input from styluses. They are ideal for use in factories, clean rooms, and other environments where gloves may be worn.

EIZO offers SAW monitors in these sizes:


Commitment to Quality

Long-term Reliability

Every touch panel monitor is produced in-house at EIZO's own facilities to ensure the highest quality. They are built for 24-hour use and are backed by a 3-year manufacturer's warranty for long-term reliability.

Monitors for Administrative Work

Designed to Protect Your Eyes

EIZO's extensive FlexScan range of monitors for business enterprise are the perfect fit for back offices and administrative areas. They are equipped with features to protect your eyes and keep viewing comfortable throughout the day, such as blue light reduction and flicker-free display. They come in a wide range of sizes and resolutions to suit any installation.

Sustainable Monitor Design

FlexScan Sustainable Monitors are at the forefront of EIZO's efforts to contribute to a sustainable future. Many models are made of more than 60% recycled plastic to mitigate the amount of waste going into the environment. They are also safely packed using molded pulp, which is made from recycled cardboard and newspaper to reduce environmental impact.

Solutions for Security & Surveillance

EIZO offers a range of solutions for security & surveillance that help to protect facilities, offices, and public areas through heightened visual awareness. From monitors to cameras to image processing, EIZO's range of solutions works with your systems to secure a safe and streamlined environment.

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