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Environmental and Energy Management

Environmental and Energy Basic Policy

The EIZO Group is aware that one of our key responsibilities is to conduct business taking the environment into consideration. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by being conscious of the impact our business has on the environment. We will continue our concerted effort in the effective use of resources, climate change mitigation, environmental protection (including the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems), prevention of pollution, and reduction of other environmental risks.

Last revised on Apr.26, 2019

  1. Comply with legal, moral and other requirements regarding environmental protection and the effective use of energy.
  2. Provide eco-friendly products and services, implement activities to reduce our environmental footprint, and take active measures to prevent pollution.
  3. Constantly improve our environmental impact performance when conducting business such as: use of sustainable resources, pollution prevention, green procurement, enhancement of efficient energy use, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Establish an energy and environmental management system that is in accord with business activities and energy and environmental management goals, implement, review and continually improve our performance.
  5. Conduct awareness-raising activities targeting our members to improve understanding of environmental protection as well as the use of clean and sustainable energy.

Mr. Kiyotaka Hira
Operating Officer
General Affairs

Environmental and Energy Management System

Based on the above basic policy, we operate an environmental and energy management system to reduce environmental impact in both product manufacturing and business operations.

In terms of product manufacturing, the Regulatory Compliance and Safety Department is in charge of promoting the development of sustainable products while collecting environmental information from around the world. In terms of business activities, the General Affairs Department is responsible for managing energy, chemical substances, and waste in our facilities and equipment.

As the reduction of GHG emissions has become a global issue, we set a reduction target in July 2019 and underwent an external audit by a third-party certification body for ISO50001, the international standard for energy management systems, and received the certification in December of the same year. We aim to further reduce our environmental impact through a synergistic effect with the ISO14001 environmental management system, which we have been operating for many years.