The ColorEdge range covers the entire post production workflow from shooting to color grading to ensure creators and editors view a consistent image throughout the pipeline.

  • Film Shooting
  • Video Editing
  • Compositing
  • Color Grading
  • Mastering
  • VFX Creation
  • 3DCG Creation
  • Animation
Academy Award

In February 2021, EIZO accepted an Academy of Motion Picture Arts
and Sciences Sci-Tech Award for its ColorEdge CG Series.


True HDR for Color Grading

ColorEdge PROMINENCE are the first LCD monitors to overcome the severe drawbacks of other HDR technologies for reliability in the HDR post production pipeline. ColorEdge PROMINENCE monitors achieve 1000 cd/m2 brightness and 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio for HDR color grading suites.

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Post Production Workflow

EIZO offers HLG and the PQ curve for several CG Series monitors to support the HDR workflow from shooting to color grading. This allows for flexibility in choosing screen size, resolution, and other specifications while enabling content viewing with the correct HDR gamma curve.

Built-In Calibration Sensor to Automate Your Workflow

ColorEdge were the first monitors in the world to have a built-in calibration sensor for color critical applications. The built-in sensor of the CG Series is designed and manufactured by EIZO and can be set to calibrate the monitor automatically at designated times. This ensures your screen stays color accurate so you can stay focused on creating.


Centralized Quality Control of Remote Locations

EIZO's ColorNavigator Network provides centralized quality control of ColorEdge monitors for studios with multiple creators and editors working on shared projects. An administrator can set the color modes, schedule automatic self-calibration for monitors with built-in sensors, register or adjust asset management settings, and more - all carried out remotely over the network. For large-scale projects, this ensures that the appropriate color standards are used at every step and saves hundreds of hours spent on calibration and maintenance.

ColorNavigator Network Secure Cloud Server

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