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The Challenge

Unclear Medical Images
Making Diagnosis Difficult

A wide variety of medical images are used in diagnostics, such as mammography, CR, CT, MRI, endoscopy, PET, and 3D-CT. Unclear images can make diagnosis difficult and time consuming. For an accurate diagnosis, fine shadows and slight grayscale changes need to be accurately reproduced on screen.

Our Solutions

Precise Diagnosis

EIZO's RadiForce medical monitor solutions offer DICOM Part 14 compliance for accurately reproducing fine shadows and grayscale changes. They also feature other high-performance characteristics as required in the medical field, such as high brightness to maintain clear visibility even in bright environments.

Stable Image Over Time

A monitor's brightness and grayscale tones naturally deviate over time. RadiForce combats this with a built-in calibration sensor that maintains brightness for easy quality control and stable image quality.

Worldwide QC Standards for Medical Monitors
Comprehensive Lineup

RadiForce offers a full lineup of monitors in various sizes and resolutions, with a range of functions to meet the needs of each medical department. They are also adaptable to newer workstyles, such as the combination of hospital and teleradiology/home reading, which are becoming the new standard for some medical institutions.

Choosing the Ideal Monitor for Teleradiology

Effortless Installation

EIZO, in collaboration with business partners, verifies the compatibility of healthcare workstations (WS) / desktop PCs with EIZO monitors. With our years of experience and know-how, we undertake professional testing on new WSs and PCs as soon as they're released. In the healthcare field where reliability is everything, EIZO is providing the assurance needed for effortless installation.

We verify aspects such as:

  • Stable operation with WS/PCs
  • Image quality that can display DICOM medical images

List of Compatible Products

Case Studies

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