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Monitor Basics in Plain English

The Making of a FlexScan Monitor

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FlexScan Production Line Characteristics

EIZO's Manufacturing Spirit

This phrase pictured was contributed by a worker on the production line, where each EIZO employee motivates the other in order to produce the world’s number one products.

With constant awareness for potential problems, our employees work to maintain and improve product quality so that our operations can become better each day.


Employee Expertise

Manufacturing the highest quality monitors starts with training our staff so they possess necessary skills before they step onto the factory floor. We have established a training center within our factory where new employees get these skills and veteran employees can acquire new ones. For example, several days of training and a written exam is required before new employees can work on basic assembly tasks. From then supervised training in the factory is required before trainees can work by themselves. More advanced skills such as safety inspections can require even more training.

Our training consists of studying written materials followed by "hands-on" practice where workers perfect the skills they will use in the factory. Each time a worker gains a new skill, they receive a sticker for that skill, which is displayed on a board in the training center.

Many EIZO manufacturing employees have been with the company for more than a decade. Worker retention is essential to performing specialized tasks. Putting personal importance and worth in our manufacturing process has the added benefits of encouraging creativity, evolution, and making our factory processes ever more efficient, environmentally sound, and globally competitive.




Students practice drilling in the training center. 

Digital Instructions

Each work station on the production line has an overhead screen with instructions about the assembly procedure. This improves productivity because workers do not have to leave the assembly line and consult a printed manual if a question arises about the production process. Since several models are manufactured on the same line in one day, the instructions on the screen change in accordance with the model being produced on the line.



An RFID (radio-frequency identification) tag about 3 cm in width is affixed to the palette on which each monitor is manufactured to ensure the following.

  • The monitor can be identified by automated equipment.
  • Traceability for improved quality control.

The RFID reader scans the RFID in the pallet as it moves along the conveyor, and begins the programmed action automatically. 


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