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EIZO Releases World's First Dual 4K Lossless Encoding & Streaming Solution for Air Traffic Control

Re/Vue Pro DuoAltamonte Springs, Florida, USA, February 13, 2020 – EIZO today announced the release of the Re/Vue Pro Duo – a dual-channel, lossless video encoding & streaming solution for ATC (air traffic control), training & simulation, and command & control applications. It is the first of its kind in the world to achieve dual 4K encoding & streaming of video data.

The Re/Vue Pro Duo is equipped with two DisplayPort interfaces to offer synchronous encoding & streaming of up to 4K x 2K (4096 x 2160) video per channel. This provides a streamlined solution for ATC video data management that supports 4K viewing environments, while allowing the flexibility to stream video in varying configurations.

The Re/Vue Pro Duo has a true lossless compression ratio of 10,000:1 to 40,000:1 for typical ATC data – the highest achieved in the industry. The high compression minimizes the bandwidth needed to send data over a network, as well as the required storage when used as a component of a recording solution, all while maintaining the integrity of the original data source. The Re/Vue Pro Duo effortlessly streams video at 60 fps (frames per second) in most viewing environments and frame rates can be easily configured for balancing image quality with data size according to end user needs.

The product can be seamlessly integrated into third party solutions, such as those provided by ATC system integrators and recording solution providers. It is entirely independent from the operating system and graphics card, so it is unaffected by changes that may occur to the system. It can also be used with EIZO’s SafeGuard integrated data capture & content management solution for a reliable end-to-end system. These solutions used together provide a highly secure archive that is built specifically to meet customer needs in areas of data management, analysis, and distribution for control centers, towers, and training & simulation facilities.

Redundancy with dual Ethernet outputs and power supplies ensure continued operation in mission-critical environments. The Re/Vue Pro Duo can also stream data simultaneously across each of its Ethernet adaptors to independent networks. It streams video without modifying the signal using a video bypass mechanism so connected monitors continue to receive data, even if power is disrupted. Furthermore, Re/Vue Pro Duo implements SNMP Version 3, offering authentication and data encryption for secure access to status and configurations.

The Re/Vue Pro Duo is designed to allow heat to escape efficiently without a fan, keeping its internal temperature within safe operating tolerances even during long periods of use. This is important for ATC environments where operations are carried out 24/7.

EIZO will be showing the Re/Vue Pro Duo for the first time at World ATM Congress 2020 in Madrid, Spain from March 10 to 12. Visit booth 367 to see a live demo.


The Re/Vue Pro Duo is now available. Please contact for details.

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