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EIZO Announces 43-inch 4K UHD Monitor that Supports Installation to Medical Carts for Endoscopy and the Operating Room

CuratOR EX4342Ruelzheim, Germany, March 10, 2022 – EIZO GmbH today announced the CuratOR EX4342, a new 43-inch monitor that can be reliably attached to medical carts, in addition to wall or ceiling fixtures, for endoscopy and the operating room (OR). The monitor offers a resolution of 4K UHD (3840 x 2160 pixels) and achieves clear reproduction of surgical images.

In the OR, largescreen monitors are typically installed on a wall or attached to ceiling fixtures due to their size and weight. The EX4342’s weight of just 17 kg and compliance with the VESA standard allow it to be reliably attached to supporting medical carts, providing a wide range of flexible installation options to suit the target environment.

The EX4342 has a high resolution of 3840 x 2160, which is four times that of Full HD, across a wide, 43-inch screen. This allows medical staff to view images from endoscopes and surgical microscopes across a larger screen space, while maintaining a high level of detail with 4K resolution compared to smaller monitor sizes typical for these operations. The LCD panel with energy-efficient LED backlight and IPS technology features a high brightness of 700 cd/m2, a contrast of 1000:1, and wide viewing angles.

During procedures, the operating surgeon needs to be able to differentiate between varying color tones. The EX4342 supports the BT.2020 4K video color standard to ensure that subtle differences between shades of reds and yellows captured by BT.2020-supported cameras are distinguishable on the screen. Furthermore, the monitor is equipped with the perceptual quantization (PQ) curve and hybrid log-gamma (HLG) for environments utilizing HDR-supported endoscope cameras. This allows the monitor to display images in a way that approximates the human perception of color and light, making dark areas more visible while ensuring bright areas avoid becoming washed out.

The EX4342 supports various video input and output signals in order to connect different types of modalities. With 12G-SDI (BNC), DisplayPort 1.2, or HDMI, up to 4K UHD signals are displayed at 60 frames per second with a single cable over various modalities. When connecting via 12G-SDI (BNC), the monitor achieves stable transmission even over a long distance of 30 meters. The monitor is also equipped with additional output terminals (12G-SDI, DisplayPort 1.2, and DVI), so input video can be passed through and output directly to the next monitor. The same image is displayed on multiple monitors, making information sharing among medical staff smooth in the operating room, while alleviating excess cabling.

Two different types of signal sources can be viewed simultaneously on one monitor, either side by side using PbyP (Picture-by-Picture) or one above the other using the PinP (Picture-in-Picture). This is useful in cases where vitals or ultrasound endoscopes need to be monitored simultaneously in addition to surgical images.

The monitor’s Auto Input Detection function automatically switches to another connected input port if the selected video signal is no longer detected. This provides a fail-safe in the case that the video signal’s input is disrupted due to a system error or other external interference.

The EX4342 is equipped with a protective glass that shields the LCD screen against shocks as well as scratches and dirt. The front is protected against foreign material and splashes with a protection class of IP45, and the entire device has protection class IP32.


The CuratOR EX4342 will begin shipping in March 2022. The date of availability varies by country or region. Contact the nearest EIZO group company or distributor for more details.

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About EIZO GmbH

EIZO GmbH is based in Ruelzheim (Pfalz), Germany and is a leading manufacturer of visual display solutions for medical imaging applications. The company portfolio includes a wide range of monitors, video management systems and related accessory products. EIZO GmbH is a group company of EIZO Corporation, a global leader offering total imaging solutions with a range of monitors, software, video capture, processing and distribution solutions, cameras, and advanced integrated technologies to meet the specialized needs of customers in business, creative fields, healthcare, air traffic control, maritime, security & surveillance, and more.

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