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EIZO Releases 23-inch Multitouch Monitor for Clinical Review Use

RadiforceMS231WTHakusan, Japan, March 1, 2011 – Eizo Nanao Corporation (TSE: 6737) today announced the RadiForce MS231WT, the first multitouch monitor in the RadiForce family of medical monitor solutions. It will join the RadiForce MX-series of clinical review monitors which are uniquely designed to meet the needs of a filmless environment where clinical records and medical DICOM images need to be displayed.


The RadiForce MS231WT supports the multitouch capabilities of Windows 7. Multitouch provides an intuitive way to use applications without a mouse or keyboard. Its 23-inch wide screen offers ample space to maneuver when tapping, scrolling, dragging, pinching, spinning, etc. which makes the use of patient charting applications more like paper-based clinical records. The touch panel technology used is optical imaging technology which accepts input from a bare or gloved hand as well as a touch pen.


The RadiForce MS231WT features a DICOM mode whose grayscale tone is preset on the production line for reviewing medical images with patient charting applications. The CAL Switch function offers five modes for brightness and grayscale adjustment that can be selected with a single front panel button. The five modes are DICOM, sRGB, Paper and two modes for user adjustable settings.


The RadiForce MS231WT features a VA (vertical alignment) panel with a full HD resolution of 1920 x 1080. The wide horizontal and vertical viewing angles of 178° ensure a doctor and patient can comfortably view the screen while sitting side-by-side. It utilizes an anti-glare panel capable of reducing ambient light reflections which makes the monitor suitable for use in brightly-lit rooms in clinics and hospitals.


With a "LaidBack" stand, the bottom of the bezel rests on the desktop like a notebook PC and tilts back in six stages from 15° to 65°. This allows the user to look almost directly down at the screen and comfortably touch it without having to extend his/her arm.


See product page for more details.



Mass production of the RadiForce MS231WT is scheduled for June of 2011. Date of availability varies by country so please contact the EIZO subsidiary or distributor in your country for details.


About EIZO

Eizo Nanao Corporation is a leading global manufacturer of high-end visual display products with a wide range of LCD monitors. The image quality, long-term reliability, and innovative features of EIZO monitors make them the products of choice in many financial trading rooms, hospitals, back offices, and design studios throughout the world. EIZO is based in Japan and represented in over sixty countries by a network of exclusive distributors.


For more information, please contact:Eizo Nanao Corporation

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