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EIZO Monitors Help Tianfu International Airport Command a Strong "Brain" of Operations

Chengdu Tianfu International Airport opened its runways on June 27, 2021. The airport, located in the eastern New Area of Chengdu, is an international aviation hub that is part of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the highest-level airport in the Silk Road Economic Belt.

The air traffic control project of Chengdu Tianfu International Airport includes five parts: Tower 1, terminal control center, air traffic control community and Tower 2, Penny navigation station, and Jingyan navigation station. These facilities together form the “strong brain” to command the air traffic of the airport.


ATC Tower 1 is located in the center of the airside of Tianfu International Airport and is responsible for the flight command service of parallel runways. The terminal’s design is inspired by the “Golden Sun Bird”, an ancient artifact discovered in the Chengdu region. Tower 1, with a height of 99.9 meters, is the nerve center of the Tianfu Airport. It is the first tower built by air traffic control command and airport apron command in China and is also the first roadside tower within the sterile area.


The terminal control center is located to the east of Sancha Lake and includes the back offices, control room, dormitory, power center, and other facilities. The control center is responsible for the control of aircrafts within a 150 km radius and 6000 m altitude in the airspace, as well as arrivals and departures at Tianfu International Airport, Shuangliu International Airport, Guanghan, Xinjin, Taiping temple and other airports. The ATC community and Tower 2 are located in the working area of the airport and are responsible for vertical runway flight command and ATC logistics.



Tower 1 is the first in China to use an integrated tower system for live operations. The integrated tower system is a new generation of tower control and command systems that is customized according to the specific needs of the airport. After a long testing process and comparing multiple vendor systems and hardware, the air traffic control experts at Tianfu decided on EIZO’s 24-inch Raptor tower monitors.


The Chengdu terminal control center also deploys EIZO’s 5th generation 2K x 2K primary control monitor, as well as 24-inch auxiliary monitors. The stable quality and excellent after-sales service are some of the reasons the end user chose EIZO.


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