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Bank Vontobel - Quality, Reliability, and Customer Value


Corporate responsibility is part of Bank Vontobel’s identity. This value is visible in many ways, including their choice of IT equipment. With EIZO monitors, Vontobel ensures that its equipment is state-of-the-art and durable. But that's not all. The following case study shows how the bank uses the monitors efficiently and effectively.

More Space, Seamless View

The FlexScan EV3895 curved monitor is used in the back office at Vontobel's various locations in Zurich. Thanks to its ultra-wide screen and gentle curvature, it is possible to display several applications simultaneously for increased productivity and comfort while working. Users are enthusiastic about the numerous ergonomic features that EIZO monitors provide to help prevent eye strain and muscle tension caused by poor posture. Despite its wide 37.5-inch diagonal, the monitor blends harmoniously into the working environment. In addition, the ultra-thin bezels convey a sense of elegance, character, and lightness.


Efficient Connectivity

The curved FlexScan EV3895 is equipped with four easily accessible ports. This allows users to connect various peripherals without the need for a separate USB hub. The built-in LAN port provides access to the network infrastructure such as the internet and access to network printers or servers. This is particularly useful for hot-desking workstations, but also when working both in the office and at home. With such outstanding connectivity, the curved EIZO FlexScan EV3895 makes any workstation tidier and more flexible.


Reliability in Every Situation

In the trading rooms, multi-monitor installations with the EIZO FlexScan EV2416 make it easy for traders to keep an eye on stock prices around the world. EIZO's anti-glare screens provide display clearly, no matter how hectic the markets are. Vontobel has been using FlexScan EV2416 monitors since 2013, a prime example of the longevity that characterizes EIZO monitors. The reliability of EIZO monitors is well known, which is why EIZO offers the industry’s only 5-year warranty.


Quality that Pays Off

Vontobel's motto: “We master what we do - and only do what we master for our customers” also applies to EIZO’s work ethic. With our products, we want to make life easier for our customers and allow them to concentrate fully on their business, knowing that they have chosen a trustworthy partner. In addition to continuous research and development, as well as in-house production, we subject our monitors to meticulous and thorough quality control. This ensures the longevity of our products and their long-term reliability - unbeatable advantages for our demanding customers.


With the FlexScan EV3895 curved display from EIZO, the investment house Vontobel has found the perfect solution in terms of productivity, ergonomics, and durability.

Find out how Bank Vontobel uses its new EIZO monitors in this video.


“EIZO's monitors are particularly convincing when it comes to durability. The low energy consumption, the low failure rate and the long service life of the products are considerable advantages for us, which confirm our choice of partner.”



Markus Schneider, Head of Operational Services, Bank Vontobel


About Bank Vontobel

Vontobel is a global investment company with Swiss roots, specializing in asset management for private and institutional investors as well as in investment solutions. The shares of Vontobel Holding AG are listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange and are majority-owned by the founding family. This close link between the family and the Group guarantees our entrepreneurial independence, as well as freedom and social responsibility.





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