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Evely Duis - Finding the Perfect Balance


Evely Duis, born in 1994, is a passionate photographer based in the Netherlands. In 2014 she graduated Cum Laude in photography from Sint Lucas. There she got to know different branches of photography and in September 2014 she started her second education in photography - a professional bachelor's degree in photography at Campus Narafi in Brussels, Belgium where she graduated Cum Laude in June 2017. With these two studies, she has been involved with many different aspects of professional photography. She is now a full-time photographer with featured work for companies, brands, and products, and has her own photo studio and workspace.


The Work

Creating images is something Evely loves to do. Not just photographing what already exists, but building an image from her own ideas. She has been photographing people ever since she started taking pictures. Currently she works a lot with models for campaigns and editorials - a childhood dream come true. In addition to photography, she has also become a sought-after speaker for masterclasses and workshops. She loves to inspire people with her story and perspective on photography.


What is Perfection?

Evely Duis is known for striving for perfection and turning ideas into reality. Her focus is on conceptual fashion and portraiture. Evely commented, “A ‘beautiful’ image by itself is not good enough. It should touch you, take you into a story, or make you think. Fashion and portrait photography can sometimes lack depth, but I try to put my heart and soul into creating a unique image. A timeless image that always shows a small part of myself. A vulnerable side, a positive side, every photo has its own side of me. This is a collaboration with the team and their input.”


She continued, “For me perfection is not a boring image. It is an image that is in perfect balance. Everything in my photos is carefully constructed. From the setting to the choice of model, styling, makeup, and lighting. Because I’ve thought it all out, I focus on finding the perfect balance in the image. It's not that I ignore the technical details, but they have become so second nature to me that I don’t have to consciously think about how to get a sharp and well exposed image. This goes together hand in hand with the confidence I have in my equipment to get the best out of my shots, so I can focus on what I see in the image itself. When I'm shooting, I’m making sure that I’m capturing 80-90% of the desired atmosphere in the photo. Although I can enhance many elements in editing, I prefer to get the right mood while shooting so that the image I envision is already captured in the frame.”


In EIZO I Trust

“For me, my equipment is a crafting tool that I cannot work without. During my shoot I am dealing with many different factors. Everything has to work in one image. In my commercial work, it is also very important that the products look their best. I think about the right color, details in the texture, etc. So I don't need to worry about my equipment - it has to support me in my creative process.”


“When I am trying to create the best raw images possible, I know that when I start editing my images on my EIZO monitor that I have the best basis for finishing my images. Working with the EIZO CG2700S allows me to really focus on the images I am shooting. Because the monitor has a built-in sensor, I can easily calibrate my screen with the ColorNavigator 7 software. Once you have everything set up, you can set it so once every few months you receive a notification and it will automatically calibrate the screen. That way I don't have to worry about it and I know that my colors are always correct!

With other monitors you often suffer from reflections and color differences at the edges. With the EIZO ColorEdge screens you have a matte screen and the colors are the same in all corners of the screen. Perfect for editing!

The 27-inch screen size gives me all the space I need to work properly. With the new USB Type-C connection, I need fewer ports to connect. I can also charge my laptop instantly via the cable between the monitor and computer. Connectivity is even more streamlined  than before.

It saves me a lot of time knowing that the colors and tones on my screen are always correct. Whether I'm working in my studio or sitting behind my EIZO monitor at home. I feel more confident when I send my images to a client.”

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Deployed Product

ColorEdge CG2700S

Evely Duis is a member of EIZO’s ColorEdge Ambassador Program, which showcases professional photographers, designers, filmmakers, and other creatives who are committed to inspiring and educating artists around the world of all levels.

ColorEdge Ambassador Program Website

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