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kornflex - ColorEdge is the Monitor of Choice for Social Media Agency Specializing in Generation Z Communication


The world of social media moves at tremendous speed. Especially for Generation Z, who have grown up in a digital era, visual content is of utmost importance. Whether it's Instagram posts, TikTok videos or YouTube vlogs, the quality and precision of the colors play a crucial role. This is where kornflex comes in, a young social media agency specializing in Generation Z communication. But how does kornflex create the best possible display of their content on different devices and screens? The answer is simple: they rely on the powerful ColorEdge calibratable graphic monitors that guarantee consistent and accurate color reproduction.

The Challenge of Color Accuracy on Different Devices

In today's world, people consume social media on a variety of devices - from smartphones and tablets to notebooks and desktop computers. Each of these devices can interpret colors differently, which can lead to distortions and color discrepancies. It is therefore important that the content created is displayed correctly on as many devices as possible.



The Solution: ColorEdge Monitors

kornflex was looking for a solution to ensure that the content they create is displayed correctly on as many devices and screens as possible. This is where EIZO's CG2700X and CS2740 graphics monitors come in. The monitors can be calibrated to an exact reference value and to specific color spaces (e.g. DCI for iPhones).
By using ColorEdge monitors, kornflex can ensure that their social media content is displayed as intended on different screens.


Why ColorEdge Monitors?

kornflex chose EIZO because the quality of color reproduction is crucial to them. Only if the colours are displayed correctly do they get the chance to have the colors appear exactly as intended on the different devices of their target audience. The ColorEdge monitors offer this advantage and ensure that kornflex's messages look the way they intended on every screen.

“Despite transience and the abundance of content - or precisely because of both points - quality is the be-all and end-all on social media. The ColorEdge monitors from EIZO are the best choice for us so that we can create outstanding content for our customers and their followers at any time.”

Paddy Käser
Co-founder, kornflex AG



Deployed Products

ColorEdge CG2700X
ColorEdge CS2740

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