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Dominique Provost - Fine Art Photography

Dominique Provost (Bruges, 1961) is a Belgian professional photographer. Art reproduction has become his specialization which led him to work for museums, galleries, publishers, as well as for several artists. He’s constantly travelling with his mobile photo studio, both inland and abroad.

His interest in painting determines his conceptions about photography. He doesn’t strive for a representation of reality; instead he tries to transmit feelings and emotions by using light and color compositions. It’s not about how, what or when something is being captured, but about the sensation it causes to the observer as a subjective experience.


The recognizability of the initially taken image fades and is reproduced in a creative way to show the essence of what the human eye cannot perceive. As such, the viewer will experience an aesthetic enrichment.

Dominque is also a great admirer of nature. Whenever possible he goes out to make artistic impressions of his experiences in nature. His website not only shows his specialization, but also his passion.

His stanza is “don’t just look with your eyes but with your soul, free of prejudices…”, which immediately explains why he has chosen EIZO ColorEdge monitors to process his pictures. In his own words:

When working in the demanding niche that art reproduction is, one has to deal with people who know what perfect picture quality means. Museum conservators, curators, gallerists and artists entrust me with their finest and most difficult works because they noticed that EIZO screens display a perfect and accurate resemblance to the photographed object while staying true to the color and contrast representation of my Hasselblad files.


When working with very difficult objects (like silverware) where fine tints and gradations in the highlights are of the utmost importance, or when you need to guarantee your clients that the colors of their paintings are accurate, you will need the exquisite image representation of EIZO monitors. The brightness and color uniformity of the screen brightness guarantees that what you are retouching is really what you’ll get.

If what you see has a 100 % resemblance to the object in reality, it not only gives you peace of mind but also the reassurance towards your customers that this is the best that modern day technology can deliver.


The automatic hardware calibration with internal sensor (that one can program according to quality requirements and the time when you want the calibration to be executed) is a flawless system that I really appreciate. This makes the extra cost of the internal calibration definitely worth it. Automatically obtaining a perfect calibrated screen without worrying is truly fantastic!

After seeing the image quality my EIZO screen produces, many clients and artists were convinced to buy their own EIZO screen.

Seeking perfection in my photographical techniques for years has allowed me to work in the demanding art sector, something I also wouldn't have been able to achieve without EIZO.


Case Studies
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