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EIZO Onboard the Albert Wegener Fireboat

Deployed Products: DuraVision FDS1904T

A new fireboat christened the Albert Wegener has been in the service of the north-eastern German city of Rostock since October 2018. It is a decommissioned rescue cruiser which has been fitted with a new bridge structure, new engines and additional fire protection technology. The boat is used for human rescue missions, firefighting and protecting the environment in the area surrounding Rostock Harbour, as well as German coastal waters.



Five 19-inch EIZO DuraVision FDS1904T monitors with touch screens now accompany the regular crew made up of three members, who can end up working alongside up to thirteen emergency personnel if necessary. It supports the captain and engineers in performing their work on the navigation bridge at all hours of the day and night. It reliably provides all information necessary for navigation, even in the wind and rain. The FDS1904T model has been approved for use with ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information Systems) and Koden Radar systems (MDC-79XXP and MDC-70XXP series). The monitors also achieve optimal readability in displaying alarm and monitoring data, as well as depicting camera images.

The outstanding quality of EIZO DuraVision monitors and their suitability to the maritime sector have been verified by their fulfilment of the mandatory certificates for this industry. For example, they comply with the conditions for temperature, humidity, and vibration on ships as defined in the IEC 60945 standard and are also certified for ECDIS and radar use.


Alarm and monitoring data, as well as camera images


Information for navigation

“We consciously decided to opt for a product by EIZO,” says platoon leader Ronny Mönck, project manager for the fireboat’s conversion. “That’s because EIZO is a well-regarded manufacturer of monitors that also offers special monitors for navigation. The DuraVision FDS1904T didn’t just impress us in terms of image quality – we were also amazed by its low operating noise level in spite of its built-in ventilators, as well as the good readability offered by its slanted viewing angle. EIZO also offers a 36 month warranty for this model.”

EIZO wishes to thank the team for choosing its monitors, and wishes the crew of the Albert Wegener a safe passage and much success in the future.


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