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PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center

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DuraVision FDH3601
FlexScan 22" Monitors


PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center Trusts EIZO Monitors


PSA Peugeot Citroën, a French car manufacturer, chose EIZO’s DuraVision FDH3601 4K x 2K monitor for their recently-upgraded digital-style studio with a power wall  (scale 1 monitor). The EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 is a true innovation in the high resolution market. At 36 inches, the monitor has a native resolution of 4096 x 2160, giving it a pixel pitch of 0.1995 x 0.1995 for exceptional image detail.

The world of car design is constantly evolving. Originality using different forms, materials and advanced research for discovering innovative technologies require tools of the highest precision. This was the reason why PSA consulted EIZO about upgrading their digital-style styling studio where they build cars at scale 1 (actual size) to confirm if they can be industrialized

Based in Vélizy in the outskirts of Paris, the PSA Peugeot Citroën Design Center named "ADN or Automotive Design Network" has been home for the last seven years to more than 1000 people who work together on the Peugeots and Citroëns of tomorrow. Here, clay and resin models are projected and made to scale.

The center is where the global design for vehicles is decided. It allows suppliers, architectural and collision specialists to look at every detail and to study the feasibility of the design through high quality projections.

PSA's specific need was to have two 4K x 2K monitors on a restricted desk space in order to avoid refurbishing the whole room. The monitors also needed to be compatible with a 4K x 2K video projector of the same resolution combining 3D standard, 3D real time, and high definition technologies. It was essential that the monitor selected be equipped with two dual-link DVI-D digital inputs.

The precision required within the field of car design is calculated down to the millimeter and every space or gap can become a technical or industrial risk. Whether it is the wing, the door, or the bonnet, for example, every inch matters and each angle of vision differs. The 3D to scale image is essential to saving costs of future scale models before releasing the finished product. The EIZO DuraVision FDH3601’s low pixel pitch was a way of being more precise and saving time on readjusting dimensions before producing models. This monitor also allows two 2K sources to be displayed simultaneously in Picture-by-Picture mode without bezels in between. All this with a diagonal of only 91 cm. Next to the DuraVision FDH3601 is a 22" EIZO FlexScan as an auxiliary monitor.

PSA Trusts EIZO’s True Color Accuracy

Thanks to the 16-bit look-up table (LUT), EIZO's DuraVision FDH3601 can display a very precise 16.7 million colors without any banding in the gradation. Philippe Deren, digital style development manager comments, "Until now, we never had a tool that was rigorous enough to really work on true colors. The EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 has allowed us to really advance in this field."  The DUE (Digital Uniformity Equalizer) functionality of the EIZO DuraVision FDH3601 provides optimal luminance and color uniformity across the whole LED backlit screen.

EIZO is recommended for all color and material projects within PSA as Henri Berger, Style Industrialization and modelization manager, explains. "In our jobs, the light in the window, even if indirect, or the change of a bulb, influences our perception of the image. Their exact and stable color throughout time, the quick calibration, and the guarantee of true colors, especially when there are several elements of dispersion, explain why we chose EIZO monitors."


Case Studies
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