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How to Achieve 10-Bit Display Using Adobe Photoshop desktop (ver.18 or later) and NVIDIA GeForce Series Graphics with ColorEdge Monitors

1. Outline

This information explains how to achieve 10-bit display when using Adobe Photoshop desktop (ver.18 or later) and the NVIDIA GeForce series with 10-bit display support on a Windows environment.

Please refer to this page for how to achieve 10-bit display using NVIDIA Quadro and AMD Radeon Pro/FirePro.

2. 10-bit Display with Adobe Photoshop desktop (Ver. 18 or later)

2.1 NVIDIA GeForce Graphics Settings

1. Download and install NVIDIA STUDIO Driver or GEFORCE GAME READY DRIVER
2. Right-click the desktop and choose [NVIDIA Control Panel].

3. Select [Display] – [Change resolution].

4. Select [Use NVIDIA color settings].
< USB Type-C / DisplayPort Connection>  * Recommended
Select [10 bpc] in “Output color depth” and click [Apply].

<HDMI Connection>  * Not Recommended, because Color format is YCbCr422
Select [YCbCr422] for “Output color format” and click [Apply].
Select [10 bpc] for “Output color depth” and click [Apply] again.

2.2 Photoshop Settings

1. Go to [Edit] – [Preferences] – [Performance].
2. Click [Advanced Settings].
2-2 (1)

3. Choose [Normal] or [Advanced] for “Drawing Mode” and check the box for [30 Bit Display], then click [OK].
2-2 (3)

3. Compatibility Information

10-bit display is available for the following monitor and graphics board combinations.

Monitor CG3146, CG3145, CG319X, CG318-4K, CG2700X, CG2700S, CG279X, CG277, CG276, CG275W, CG2730, CG248-4K, CG247X, CG247, CG2420, CG246, CG245W, CG243W, CG223W, CX271, CX270, CX241, CX240, CS2740, CS2731, CS2730, CS270, CS2400S, CS2400R, CS2420, CS240, CS230
Graphics Board NVIDIA GeForce series
* Please refer to the "SUPPORTED PRODUCTS" for details.
Display Application Adobe Photoshop desktop (ver.18 or later)
OS Windows 10/8.1 (conforms to the graphics board driver)
Connection USB Type-C (Recommended), DisplayPort  (Recommended), HDMI
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