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In addition to making environmentally sound products, EIZO believes that we must also strive to reduce the environmental impact of our business operations. We are guided in our efforts by the following Energy and Environmental Basic Policy, on which we have established management systems.


Energy and Environmental Basic Policy


Last revised on Apr.26, 2019

The EIZO Group is aware that one of our key responsibilities is to conduct business taking the environment into consideration. We strive to contribute to the sustainable development of our society by being conscious of the impact our business has on the environment. We will continue our concerted effort in the effective use of resources, climate change mitigation, environmental protection (including the protection of biodiversity and ecosystems), prevention of pollution, and reduction of other environmental risks.

We therefore:

  1. Comply with legal, moral and other requirements regarding environmental protection and the effective use of energy.
  2. Provide eco-friendly products and services, implement activities to reduce our environmental footprint, and take active measures to prevent pollution.
  3. Constantly improve our environmental impact performance when conducting business such as: use of sustainable resources, pollution prevention, green procurement, enhancement of efficient energy use, and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  4. Establish an energy and environmental management system that is in accord with business activities and energy and environmental management goals, implement, review and continually improve our performance.
  5. Conduct awareness-raising activities targeting our members to improve understanding of environmental protection as well as the use of clean and sustainable energy.


Mr. Kiyotaka Hira
Operating Officer
General Affairs



EIZO Initiatives for Reducing Environmental Impact

Supported initiatives may vary depending on the model.

Compliance with the Latest Environmental Standards



Our products comply with environmental standards such as TCO Certified Generation 9, EPEAT, and ENERGY STAR 8.0.

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Enhancing Power Saving Features



We equip our monitors with numerous features that reduce power consumption and CO2 emissions.


Reduction of Plastics in Products



Recycled plastic is used in more than 50% of the external housings of our monitors (EV3895, etc.). We also make limited use of plastic and paints containing flame retardant to reduce the impact on the environment and on humans and to enhance the recyclability of our products.

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Resource Saving in Packaging and Cushioning Materials



EIZO products are packaged in cardboard boxes made of recycled paper, and we use molded pulp or 100% recycled materials for cushioning. We are also working with our suppliers to reduce packaging materials for the parts we purchase.



Collection and Recycling of Products



We collect used monitors for recycling in Japan, Europe, and the U.S. to realize our responsibility even beyond the usage lifetime of our products.

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Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions



The EIZO Group will reduce its CO2 emissions to net zero by fiscal year 2040. Additionally, we will promote reductions in CO2 emissions throughout the product life cycle.

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Reduction of Supply Chain Environmental Impacts



We have established our own EIZO Green Procurement Standards and preferentially procure environmentally sound products, components, and materials (including simplified packaging) that adhere to our quality, function, and cost requirements.

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Independent Monitoring of Chemical Substances



We thoroughly comply with the laws and environmental standards in Japan and overseas that regulate chemical substances in product components or that prohibit or otherwise control substances. We also conduct surveys pertaining to chemical substances in the components we procure from suppliers.



Environmental Management System

We have been operating the Environment and Energy Management System under our Energy and Environmental Basic Policy since obtaining ISO14001 certification in July 1998. We have also implemented measures for generating less waste and reducing resource and energy consumption. Moreover, we have achieved progress in other areas by operating the system, which sets targets that explicitly respond to the trend toward environmentally sound products and the growing public interest in eco-products.

Environmental Management System



Activities under the Environmental Management System

raising customer satisfaction

Enhancing the environmental performance of our business operations requires integrating them with our environmental protection activities. To do so, EIZO has environmental protection initiatives in place that comply with the revised ISO 14001:2015 standards under the leadership and control of the director responsible for environmental management. These initiatives are linked with management policies and business strategies set by top management. The Corporate Safety Section of the General Affairs Department is responsible for promoting our corporate activities while also managing the energy consumption of our facilities and equipment, chemical substances and waste. The Certified Standards Section of the Technology Management Department is responsible for our products, gathering environmental information from around the world and promoting the development of environmentally sound products.



Compliance with Environmental Standards

In our effort to proactively develop environmentally sound products, we observe the legal requirements of Japan and other countries and comply with major voluntary environmental standards in each market for our flagship products.

In Europe a number of regulations are being enforced, including the WEEE Directive (collection and recycling of discarded electrical and electronic equipment), the RoHS Directive (restriction of use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment), the REACH Regulation (management of chemical substances), the ErP Directive (eco-designing for energy-related products), and WF Directive (database registration for managing substances of concern for waste disposal). These regulations were developed in Europe; however, they have been playing an important role in encouraging other countries and regions to take similar steps. Our products comply with these regulations.

We also respond to environmental labeling standards such as TCO Certified Generation 9 (international comprehensive standards for monitors), EPEAT (international environmental standard for PCs/monitors), ENERGY STAR 8.0 (energy efficiency standard established in the United States) and PC Green Label (Japanese environmental standard for PCs/monitors). In addition, we are actively involved in the development of TCO, ENERGY STAR and PC Green Label. EIZO will continue to focus on developing green products while keeping an eye on the development of environmental labeling.



Designs that Are Kind to Both the Environment and Humans

Environmentally sound product development, including the efficient use of materials and energy, has been part of EIZO’s corporate DNA ever since we entered the market with our CRT monitors.

Reducing the use of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) found in material production, such as some paints, is a global concern. EIZO uses its expertise cultivated from extensive years of research to manufacture its monitor cabinets with a smooth, uniform color and texture without using paint.

We also pursue lightweight design for our products. This can reduce the use of plastics and enhance logistics efficiency, which reduces the carbon footprint of product transportation.

Designs that Are Kind to Both the Environment and Humans

Designs that Are Kind to Both the Environment and Humans

Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Since the launch of the EIZO brand, we have been consistently working on cutting-edge environmental measures, pursuing energy-saving performance in our products and working to combat climate change by setting GHG emission reduction targets for all of our business activities.

In July 2022, our near-term science-based GHG emissions reduction targets were approved by the SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative)* . We recognizes the importance and urgency of action to combat climate change and is committed to setting ambitious emissions reduction targets in line with recent climate science with the SBTi.
Targets are considered ‘science-based’ if they are in line with what the latest climate science and the goals of the Paris Agreement.




【Approved targets】

Scope 1+2 (1.5°C alignment) :
EIZO commits to reduce absolute scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by 70% by fiscal year 2030 from a fiscal year 2019 base year.
Scope 3 (well below 2°C alignment) :
EIZO commits to reduce absolute scope 3 GHG emissions from purchased goods and services and the use of sold products by 27.5 % by fiscal year 2030 from a fiscal year 2019 base year.

  • SBT Website
  • SBTi (Science Based Targets initiative): An international partnership between CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, World Resources Institute (WRI), and the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). It encourages companies to set science-based GHG reduction targets and reviews and validates those targets from an objective standpoint.

Under our energy and environmental management system, we will work to achieve these targets by advancing the necessary actions such as enhancing solar power generation equipment, raising the ratio of green electricity use, and switching to energy-efficient equipment.

Moreover, to reduce the volume of CO2 emissions across the entire product life cycle, we will seek to obtain a more accurate picture of indirect emissions that occur in our procurement of components, manufacturing, distribution, usage, and waste disposal (Scope 3 emissions) and encourage reductions by setting concrete quantitative targets.

In May 2021, EIZO declared its support for recommendations made by the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD). We will analyze the risks and opportunities of climate change on our business operations to respond as necessary and expand our disclosure of related information.


GHG Emissions (Scope 1+2)
and Energy Use


Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Scope (FY2021)


External Evaluation

In February 2024, EIZO makes the 2023 Climate Change A List by obtaining the highest score from the CDP*, an international not-for-profit organization that runs a global disclosure system for managing environmental impact. 
Of the more than 21,000 companies evaluated, 346 made it onto the 2023 Climate Change A List. The A score recognizes EIZO’s progressive efforts to contribute to a decarbonized society.
  • CDP
    CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the environmental disclosure and assessment system for companies, cities, states, and regions to manage their environmental impacts and is widely recognized as the global standard for this topic. The CDP Questionnaire survey is fully aligned with the TCFD, and its scores are widely used to inform investment and purchasing decisions for a sustainable and resilient Net Zero society. In 2023, more than 740 signatory financial institutions with more than US$136 trillion in assets requested disclosure of data on environmental impacts, risks, and opportunities through CDP's platform, and a record number of nearly 23,000 companies complied.


Climate A List stamp 2023.png

Green Procurement

To promote the conservation of the global environment, EIZO Corporation strives to achieve environmentally-friendly manufacturing, with the goal of creating a more economically-minded society with a sound cycle of materials use.

Green Procurement
Green Procurement

We intend to persevere in our efforts to promote environmental conservation while continuing to improve our practices, so that all of our activities will meet the environmental standards demanded by customers and society. To help fulfill our social responsibilities, we have created Green Procurement Standards that will guide our materials procurement.


To achieve environmentally-friendly products that generate reduced environmental loads, the parts and materials that make up the products must themselves generate reduced loads. The procurement of such parts and materials is critical to realizing our goal. The understanding and cooperation of our suppliers represent a crucial part of our efforts to provide environmentally-friendly products.

EIZO Corporation wants to make this endeavor a joint effort. To ensure the success of our efforts, we ask for your understanding with regard to our stated goals and our social responsibilities, and ask for your cooperation in promoting activities that reduce environmental burdens. We also ask for your continuing efforts to achieve sustained improvements in these areas.

Green Procurement Standards, Manual and Tool for suppliers of EIZO corporation is here.


(Environmental Management System)

Our ISO 14001 certification has been maintained and updated by third parties through external audits.

EIZO Corporation ISO14001 Certification Scope

(Energy Management System)

Our ISO50001 was acquired in fiscal 2019 through external audit by a third party.

EIZO Corporation ISO50001 Certification Scope

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