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Integrated Data Capture & Content Management Solution
SafeGuard is an end-to-end system comprising of software, servers, peripherals and other hardware components, and associated services entirely provided by EIZO. It is a turnkey solution that provides a highly secure archive supporting the management, analysis, and distribution of data from communication interfaces employed in mission-critical environments such as air traffic control (ATC).
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End-to-End Solution 

SafeGuard is a data capture & content management solution comprised of software, servers, peripherals and other hardware components, and associated services provided entirely by EIZO. It is a  turnkey solution for storage, playback, and management of operational communications and associated data. It is designed to receive multiple inputs from communication interfaces and provides a highly secure archive for industries facilitating Post Incident Investigation, Search & Rescue Operations, Training & Performance Analysis, and Verification & Validation.

End-to-End Solution

Multi-Format Data Capture and Playback for ATC

Recording and Storage

ATC facilities are required to record operational communications including visual information, audio transmissions, flight and other data  to comply with industry regulations. SafeGuard is designed to capture audio (analog, digital, VoIP), radar (serial or network), At-the-Glass video signals (analog and digital), CCTV camera signals, and distributed network data. Content can be securely recorded to the SafeGuard server for storage or playback and analysis via EIZO's secure browser-based client.

Safely Store Original Recordings Indefinitely

The SafeGuard Vault provides a secure location for holding verified copies of original recordings indefinitely for use in analysis activities. Data redundancy provides an additional layer of protection for backup or recovery if needed.

Synchronous Playback

SafeGuard achieves synchronous data playback of multiple data types and channels from a user-specified timeframe via the browser client. Data is streamed from the secure server during playback so files do not need to be maintained on the local machine, alleviating storage space and streamlining data access between operating workstations. In addition, captured audio and video can be exported in a file format that is readable by third party video applications for quick referencing as needed.

Synchronous playback of audio and video
on the SafeGuard client.

Intuitive Search and Replay Control

Operators can use the search and filter options to quickly located target data and set parameters for replay to facilitate the investigative process. Highly responsive pan and zoom controls make video playback and interaction intuitive for efficient and thorough review.


Secure Browser-Based Management

Enhanced Security

SafeGuard's browser-based management employs HTTPS and enhanced authentication measures to ensure that all transactions between the browser client and data server are secure. In high security applications where files are extremely sensitive, captured data may be optionally encrypted in primary storage. Files written to secondary or quarantine storage may also be encrypted during transfer operations.

Centralized Management and Control

Remote network access to the SafeGuard servers provides administrators with centralized control of data capture, user profiles, system monitoring, and more for streamlined management. Users assigned with the appopriate privileges are able to access auditable event logs from any workstation connected to the network. This negates the need for local server access for enhanced security.

Example of Role Management list.


User-Defined Roles and Access Rights

SafeGuard allows multiple users to easily access and share digital content captured through supported interfaces. Users are allocated a unique user ID and password and assigned specific system roles. Roles are configured to allow or deny access to various feature sets and/or functions based on operational requirements. This ensures that data can only be accessed and shared by users with sufficient privileges.

Linux OS Support

EIZO designed SafeGuard from the ground up based on Linux so the server benefits from efficiency and enhanced security built into the operating system including up-to-date protocols that follow the most recent security standards and compliance with relevant STIG (Security Technical Implementation Guide) standards.

Dashboard for Status Updates at a Glance

The SafeGuard homescreen displays a dashboard with statuses for storage, connected devices, captured data, users, and more so operators can check system health at a glance. Additionally, users can select from numerous themes to customize the appearance of the SafeGuard client.

Choose from several themes to customize appearance.


Integration with Encoding & Streaming Devices

SafeGuard is designed to take advantage of the full range of features available in EIZO's Re/Vue encoding and streaming devices. This native support allows SafeGuard to track and report on device temperature, PSU connectivity, and Ethernet status. In addition Re/Vue's Auto Rotate feature ensures that images captured from monitors in portrait mode are shown in the correct orientation when exported and during online or offline playback.


Highly Configurable Solution

SafeGuard is a highly configurable solution built to meet specific customer needs. This allows for future upgrades, expansion, or replacement while maintaining investment protection through backwards compatibility of interfaces. Server options such as RAID configuration, dual PSU, redundant Ethernet, and Hot Swap components are all supported to provide flexibility, high reliability, and ease of maintenance.

ATC Visual System

EIZO's end-to-end ATC Visual System consists of several graphics-related devices designed to transfer ATM video data to the air traffic controllers. It encompasses smart monitors, video encoding & streaming devices, dedicated graphics boards, and software and servers which are designed and tested for interoperability from the outset. This eliminates critical errors and alleviates maintenance required as a result of interoperability issues between multiple vendors' products.
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ATC Visual System
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