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RadiForce MX217
21.3" Color LCD Monitor
21.3-inch 2 megapixel resolution cost-performance monitor with DICOM Part 14 calibration for viewing medical images.
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High Fidelity Images for Peace of Mind

Hybrid Display of Monochrome and Color

Hybrid Displaay of Monochrome and ColorThe Hybrid Gamma PXL function automatically distinguishes between monochrome and color images pixel by pixel, creating a hybrid display where each pixel has optimum grayscale. As a result, monochrome images such as CT, MRI and X-ray are displayed in the ideal grayscale that corresponds to DICOM Part 14, while color images such as 3D rendering, nuclear medicine, ultrasound and endoscopy are faithfully reproduced corresponding to Gamma 2.2. This helps improve efficiency of viewing both monochrome and color images by displaying them together on the one screen.

Hybrid Displaay of Monochrome and Color


Visual Assessment

The Kumamoto Chuo Hospital, Japan, have conducted a visual assessment of the Hybrid Gamma PXL function included on the RadiForce monitor. An improvement of approximately 37% was noted when comparing the use of a color monitor with Hybrid Gamma PXL to one without it. In addition, Hybrid Gamma PXL was found to operate equally as well as monochrome monitors with GSDF when displaying monochrome images.

See the White Paper "The Advantages of Hybrid Gamma PXL" [PDF]

Visual Assessment


Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data

A medical monitor needs to be capable of high brightness in order to meet performance standards. However, in order to achieve high brightness in an LCD panel, the pixel aperture ratio has to be increased. This causes a typically unavoidable decline in sharpness. With EIZO's unique Sharpness Recovery technology, the decrease in sharpness (MTF) is restored. This allows you to display an image safely on the monitor that is true to the original source data, even at high brightness levels.

MTF measures numerically how faithfully the panel transfers detail from the original image data for viewing. When Sharpness Recovery is turned on, in the case of a 2 pixel line pair (spatial frequency of 0.926 cycles/mm) the MTF increases by over 50%.

Achieve Clarity True to the Source Data


Make the Precise Diagnosis

EIZO carefully measures and sets the grayscale at the factory to ensure each monitor is compliant with DICOM Part 14. Furthermore, at startup or upon wakeup, the EIZO patented drift correction function quickly stabilizes the brightness level and compensates the brightness fluctuations caused by the ambient temperature and the passage of time, allowing medical images to be faithfully reproduced with stable brightness and grayscale.

Make the Precise Diagnosis



Comfortable Use, Convenient Connectivity

Elegant Cabinet Design

The monitor's cabinet is designed with rounded corners and elegant curves on the back to present a gentle aesthetic and facilitate a comforting environment for patients and medical staff.

Elegant Cabinet Design


Improved Workflow

Work-and-Flow_logo.jpgEIZO's unique Work-and-Flow technology alleviates the complexity of the imaging workflow with functions developed with the radiologist in mind. Users can take advantage of Work-and-Flow functions with the RadiForce monitor and bundled RadiCS LE software.

Rotate the Monitor According to the Image

After installing the included RadiCS LE quality control software, you can link the Image Rotation Plus function with the monitor's built-in gravity sensor. This enables the screen to automatically switch to either portrait or landscape mode based on the orientation of the monitor.

Image Rotation Plus

See more with animation gif_animation_icon

Hassle-Free Multi-Monitor Configuration

Using the DisplayPort connection, you can drive several monitors in a daisy chain sequence. This allows you to configure a multi-monitor setup without the complicated hassle of excessive cabling.

A graphics board that supports daisy chain is necessary.

Compatibility between RadiForce monitors using DisplayPort daisy chains

Hassle-Free Multi-Monitor Configuration




Rest Assured with Image Consistency

Manage Effortless Calibration

With the RadiCS LE software (included) and Integrated Front Sensor (IFS) built into the front bezel, you can easily calibrate to DICOM Part 14 without having to mount, run, and remove an external sensor.

Simple calibration using the monitor backlight sensor is also supported.

Manage Effortless Calibration


Warranty with Safety and Trust

EIZO and its authorized distributors offer a five-year limited warranty.




Care for the Environment

Conserve to Preserve

EIZO is committed carrying out responsible manufacturing practices to maintain high product quality, while keeping the environment in mind. The MX217 is made of approximately 18% recycled plastic. This mitigates on the amount of plastic waste going into the environment, conserves resources, and promotes reuse of materials for preserving the natural ecosystems.

Conserve to Preserve


Cushioning Environmental Impact

EIZO monitors are moving away from using plastic and styrofoam in the packaging to reduce environmental impact. The MX217 is safely packed using molded pulp, which is made from recycled cardboard and newspaper, and cables are wrapped in environmentally friendly pulp sheet instead of plastic bags.

Cushioning Environmental Impact

Molded pulp


We also implement  following  initiatives:

  • Partial use of halogen-free PCBs (printed circuit board)


Our Contribution to SDGs

As part of its sustainability initiatives, EIZO is contributing towards the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).   SDGs Logo

Supporting a Healthy Life
Starting with our message “Making Each Life Visual”, we aim to support optimal medical care for each and every individual through accurate diagnosis and treatment afforded by our innovative healthcare technologies.
SDGs 03SDGs 08
Environmentally Conscious
Our healthcare products are designed to promote energy efficiency for reduced power consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, while maintaining the high performance and functionality needed in healthcare. We also implement a responsible after-service recycling system.
SDGs 07SDGs 12
Model Variations MX217-BK: with stand, black
Type Color (IPS)
Backlight LED
Size 21.3" (54.0 cm)
Native Resolution 1200 x 1600 (3:4 aspect ratio)
Viewable Image Size (H x V) 324.0 x 432.0 mm
Pixel Pitch (H x V) 0.270 x 0.270 mm
Display Colors 10-bit (DisplayPort): 1.07 billion from a palette of 543 billion (13-bit) colors
8-bit: 16.77 million from a palette of 543 billion (13-bit) colors
Viewing Angles (H / V, typical) 178° / 178°
Brightness (typical) 500 cd/m2
Contrast Ratio (typical) 1800:1
Response Time (typical) 20 ms (black-white-black)
Video Signals  
Input Terminals DisplayPort, DVI-D
Output Terminals DisplayPort (daisy chain)
Digital Scanning Frequency (H / V) 31 - 100 kHz / 59 - 61 Hz
Upstream USB 2.0: Type-B
Downstream USB 2.0: Type-A x 2
Power Input AC 100 - 240 V: 50 / 60 Hz
Typical Power Consumption 23 W
Maximum Power Consumption 54 W
Power Save Mode 0.6 W or less
Sensor Backlight Sensor, Integrated Front Sensor, Ambient Light Sensor
Features & Functions  
Brightness Stabilization Yes
Digital Uniformity Equalizer Yes
Hybrid Gamma PXL Yes
Work-and-Flow Point-and-Focus
Preset Modes CAL Switch (DICOM, CAL1, CAL2, Custom, sRGB, Text)
OSD Languages English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, Traditional Chinese
Physical Specifications  
Net Weight 7.2 kg
Net Weight (Without Stand) 4.3 kg
Hole Spacing (VESA Standard) 100 x 100 mm
Certifications & Standards (Please contact EIZO for the latest information.) CB, CE / UKCA (Medical Device), ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 60601-1, IEC/EN60601-1, VCCI-B, FCC-B, CAN ICES-3 (B), RCM, RoHS, China RoHS, WEEE, CCC
FDA 510(k) Clearance for General Radiography
Dedicated Software  
Monitor Quality Control Software RadiCS Supported
Supplied Accessories (May vary by country. Please contact EIZO for details.)  
Signal Cables DisplayPort (3 m)
Others AC power cord (3 m), USB Type-A - USB Type-B cable (3 m), Utility Disk (RadiCS LE, PDF instructions for use, PDF installation manual), instructions for use
Warranty 5 Years
Dimension Drawing PDF


RadiForce general
14.4 MB



RadiForce MX217
1.82 MB




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MX217 Instructions for Use English 640 KB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual English 2.26 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use German 647 KB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual German 2.28 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use French 650 KB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual French 2.28 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Russian 662 KB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual Russian 2.29 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Italian 640 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Czech 642 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Swedish 636 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Chinese-Simplified 2.39 MB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual Chinese-Simplified 2.59 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Chinese-Traditional 965 KB PDF
MX217 Installation Manual Chinese-Traditional 2.51 MB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Arabic 664 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Danish 639 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Dutch 641 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Finnish 636 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Greek 663 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Korean 690 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Norwegian 638 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Polish 646 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Portuguese 640 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Spanish 641 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Turkish 637 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Estonian 635 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Latvian 640 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Lithuanian 639 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Romanian 641 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Slovak 645 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Slovene 635 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Hungarian 642 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Bulgarian 656 KB PDF
MX217 Instructions for Use Croatian 637 KB PDF


Date Subject
August 3, 2023 HP Z4 G5 Workstation and FlexScan, RadiForce Compatibility
June 27, 2023 Compatibility between RadiForce monitors using DisplayPort daisy chains
Graphics Boards

- EIZO original driver and bios
- PCI-Express x16
- Daisy chain supported

Graphics Boards

- EIZO original driver and bios
- PCI-Express x16
- Daisy chain supported

Graphics Boards

- EIZO original driver and bios
- PCI-Express x16
- Daisy chain supported

Graphics Boards

- EIZO original driver and bios
- PCI-Express x16
- Daisy chain supported

Quality Control Software & Tools
RadiCS UX2

- Quality Control Software
- UX2 Calibration Sensor bundled

Quality Control Software & Tools
UX2 Sensor

- Quality Control External Calibration Sensor

Comfort Light for Reading Rooms

- Comfort Light for Reading Rooms


35° up tilt and 180° swivel wide adjustment range

Mounting Bracket

VESA mounting plate for attaching an IP decoding box to certain FlexScan monitors using VOP-01

Panel Protector

- Protect against dust and scratches
- Fit between screen and bezel
- Integrated Front Sensor usable

Monitor Cleaning Kit

- Keep your screen free from dust and fingerprints
- Includes pump spray and cloth


  • Making Each Life Visual
  • Creating a Comfortable Reading Environment for Doctors
  • Choosing the Ideal Monitor for Teleradiology
  • RX1270 Case Study for Multi-Modality
  • RX1270 Case Study for Mammography
  • EIZO-Sponsored Seminars Supporting Early Detection of Breast Cancer
  • QC Standards for Medical Monitors
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